Looking for great deal on Sedan or Small SUV in California

Hi Guys,

New to the forum and leasing in general but need to find a new safe car for the lady with a low payment and leasing looks like the way to go.

Just wondering if you have any suggestions on current deals as the latest info I found on the site is from November. If we can find something under $200 we can swing it.



aaaaand I just found the lease log…i’ll check that out

Can you please post your shortlist to help out with suggestions…maybe start with the IIHS Top Safety Picks for sedans and compacts? In general SUVs will be more

What else will affect your overall cost and experience (insurance, fuel economy, power, parking, etc.)?

Also consider that owning is cheaper in the long term than serially leasing

@max_g Assuming you don’t want to have a new car every 2-3 years…

Well, this is for my girlfriend who has been driving a beat up 99 accord for the last 5 years so pretty muvh anything beats that but…
looking for a safe, mid size sedan with good gas mileage, low insurance. Not too small as she likes to feel safe in the car and parking is not an issue. Good visibility. Price and insurance are the main concerns