Looking for demo lease: 2017 MB C300 or BMW 330 ix

Anybody have any advice, thoughts, help in the Midwest or Eastern USA? Looking for AWD, sunroof, heated seats, possible navigation ($47-$50k). Trying to keep miles under 5000. No MB incentives. Trying to stay under $450/with 1st payment out of pocket, taxes in, on 36/10k.

2017 C300 4MATIC with P2 package and multimedia. $450 a month or less with MSDs. Still decent inventory compare to 2017 e300.

What are you trying to tell me here? Not sure I want to put down $4500 of MSD’s to get there on a car of this value that is one year old, and is a demo with miles. My other option is to go with another tier 1 brand in this price range for brand new, but still a 2017, with no MSD’s.

You get the MSDs back at the end of lease and they potentially reduce the monthly $50-75/month, which would potentially bring a vehicle outside of your target price range back into it.

Fully understand what MSD’s are, and what they do. Just put some down on a recent car purchase.
Found today: 2017 MB C300 AMG Sport demo (2872 miles)
$51,030. - discounted to $41,422 (18.8%)
Meets my monthly payment criteria.