Looking for assistance for a lease...has anyone had success brokering for Las Vegas residents?

Hi all,

Apologies if this is the wrong place but I could not create a topic in Marketplace. I have been trying to find a broker here that services customers in NV (89145) but it seems all the brokers tagged with West Coast are Cali only. I have also gone down the list of listed brokers (brokers - FORUM | LEASEHACKR) and direct messaged them (excluding EC/Tristate brokers) with no success. I also filtered by state (Search results for '#reviews tags:NV in:first order:views' - FORUM | LEASEHACKR) and all three so far have not been promising. Shipping from EC to deliver isn’t feasible and another doesn’t work with the brands. @Omegaautogroup I am interested in the offer via your website quote (and confirmed via text). I have tried contacting you via DM, text, and phone w/ VM but still have not heard back. Can someone vouch or confirm this broker is still active/in business?

I also spoke to two local dealerships from internet sales and getting run around (1.5-2x the monthly based on the MSRP, RV, and MF based on the leasehackr calculator here and edmunds forum). LOL entering random numbers and handwriting some when I have repeatedly asked for the cap sheet (conveying that I know how it works!). A third local dealership seems a bit more reasonable (asking for $270 with 4k DAS so maybe the sales/RV/MF are inline) but does not want to disclose the cap sheet.

I am trying to close a lease deal for a family member before Dec 15. I am afraid if she goes to the local dealership she will get taken advantage of (first time leaser, never exposed to this and does not want to understand how lease numbers are calculated)! Even if you can’t assist, I would appreciate a recommendation whether it be another broker or a reliable rep from a partnered dealership.

Please contact me if you can assist. The hard work many of the @brokers here have done for members is much appreciated! (I am on East Coast and have used the site before (lost my login for the other leasehackr account!); @AutoNinjas you’ve helped me before in the past and was very happy but don’t think you can do west coast?)

Lastly, sorry for long message, but moderators please forgive my ignorance and move this post to appropriate heading if it’s inappropriate! Thanks all and Happy Holidays!


Not our wheelhouse unfortunately, if you are unable to secure a fair deal I personally know a Hyundai dealer in CO (not exactly right near you but closer than East Coast) and can try to make a call to help you out from there. One key piece to consider as well is regional lease cash, we see this on our ever popular Jeep deals, you might see deals in Lease markets that have $1k-$2k in lease cash that doesn’t exist where you are trying to buy the car which can easily throw numbers off for you. If you can get sub $400s with $3k DAS I think you are in the right place, but perhaps a West Coast broker that does more Hyundai business can chime in here.

Good luck!



Well, local dealer #1 seems the obvious choice. These are brand new. I doubt you’ll be able to get any significant discount on these. They look pretty sharp, and they’re supposed to ride a little better than the previous models.

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