Looking for an EV

What is your buyout? Seems like it may be worthwhile to buy out your lease. If I recall correctly, residuals were pretty low for these back in 2018-19.

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There’s not going to be a fire sale on anything any time soon.

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The lease on my 2018 Clarity Base ends January 8, 2022. The capitalized cost was $21,400. The buyout is $14,060 and with only 25k miles, and given the current marketplace, I’ll buy it out in January.

Seems like a good move. I don’t know what the Clarity goes for now (I never see any on the road) but I imagine it’s way more than the buyout. Although I do find it interesting they’ve discontinued it after the MY21. I guess the sales just weren’t there. Hopefully doesn’t create issues down the road with servicing. Seems like a decent alternative to the 530e.

Hi @dukez,

I have the 2018 Clarity Electric. This one is not available for purchase, and was a lease only. I can extend the lease up to another 1 year, but concern that I will not have warranty coverage outside the 3 years. Really strange lease terms. It has a range of 80 miles, but the annual allocation is 20,000. :grin: With that range, unlikely many will hit the max per year.



:laughing: that range! Very interesting lease terms; I can’t imagine the EV will be worth much once you turn it in given that range. How many miles were you able to successfully put on it? It doesn’t surprise me that they discontinued the EV and FC models, but I’m a little sad there won’t be any deals on the plug-in hybrid. I’d totally have given it a look.

This car was CA specific and was designed to meet some quotas that had cropped up. Honda knew this car wouldn’t last and that’s why it’s a Lease Only. I’m surprised they will allow you to extend the lease.

@dukez I have about 19K miles on it. Should have about 20K when I hand it in.

@forbs Yep, it was a complacence car for Honda. The fit and finish was really good. I called Honda Financial and they confirmed that I can extend. Also, heard from other owners that they were given the same option. Owners who have handed the EV’s also confirmed that they are sent directly to a dismantling yard.

I just made an inquiry on the Kia Niro EV EX from a number of Kia Dealers close by, and all of them are coming back with over $500 with $0 drive off. I have 2 months to go on my lease, so not in a hurry.

2 months is nothing. If you need to order something, do it ASAP.

Omega has a $400/month 0 Drive Off but it’s going to run you $800 for their fee

@forbs I saw that on Omega. I am looking at the EX, and that is coming at $318 plus tax and fees. I did not know what their fee was, so that is good info.

Agreed. I am not too concern if I have to give the lease up, as I have a backup car at home that I can use. Son’s car that he cannot take with him while in college.

I looked for a Bolt EUV lease takeover in CA but couldn’t find one. It doesn’t make sense to transfer a lease when you can get MSRP buyback from GM.

So I’m waiting until sales resume and hopefully find a used one that was a buyback.

I would guess there are a bunch of buyback Bolts sitting in the back of dealer’s lots.

But I wonder - will these Bolts have lemon tittles?

I also put in a reservation for an ID4, depending on GM timing that may be a better route.