Looking for an EV

Hi all. I’m currently looking for an EV that’s not Tesla or Polestar. I was eyeing Ioniq 5 but at this point i dont know if i can wait until winter. I’m looking to buy instead of lease. Wondering if you guys/gals have any input on kia or hyundai’s current production EV.

With the whole Bolt recall I wonder if a good price can be had with new Bolt…that is if GM can be trusted now…

thanks for your input!

Ford Mach-E?

You didn’t mention your budget, but since you mentioned the Ioniq I’ll assume you’re looking at the low end. I’d totally consider a Bolt if you can live with the current charging/parking restrictions and can find one at a good price/transfer. Especially on the older ones, a brand new battery will give it a new life (not that degradation was a real problem on Bolts). The chance of fire is very low statistically, and much lower still when following the restrictions.

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Porsche Taycan is amazing, I guarantee you that. This a bit of tongue in a cheek, since asking to recommend in EV in 2021 without any narrowing criteria is not far from just saying “hey guys, I need a car, which one should I buy”

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They’re perfectly reasonable lease candidates. I can’t think of any good reason to buy one over leasing it though.

Only current difference will probably be that it’ll be easier to find a Kia Niro EV than the Hyundai Kona EV.

My bad with the budget. Asking to buy over lease because of mileage restriction. I travel 100 miles / day averaging 5 days a week.

I’d try to pick up a Bolt transfer from someone trying to get out, or take a look at the Kia Niro EV. Or if none of the numbers look good, just buy a Tesla 3. Seems like inventory will be in short supply for quite some time.


Rural or suburban? I’m waiting for the Lightning to roll out…it checks a ton of boxes, and can carry a few too.

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I know you said no Tesla but with the 6 month backlog and the probable US Tax credit of $8k kicking in starting next year, ordering the base M3 might be the best deal in this market albiet a gamble of the $250 order fee if the fed credit doesnt fall through.

Otherwise if money is no object I really like the Audi Etron (which I got amazing lease back in April with many incentives rebates for effective capitalized cost of 53k on a 76k msrp car) or the Porsche Taycan.

With 100/m a day do not lease. That’s 24,000 a year after all.
Bolts will be coming cheap in the next 3 months (Basically Xmas gift!) because all the buybacks will swamp the dealers.

Other than that? Nissan Leaf S is a good thing to look at.

ID.4 is a great EV. However the residuals make leasing less attractive. Better off financing.

Look for a lease takeover from someone who hasn’t used their miles. Doesn’t make sense to lease a new car if you drive that much.

I was told by my Chevy dealer that I can’t even test drive a Bolt, much less buy one, until they figure out a way to fix recalled vehicles.

Yup that’s what STOP SALE means.

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Are both the Bolt EV and the EUV on stop sale? Heard about the battery issue, but have not really gone in to the details. Could there be some real bargains on the Bolt EV and EUV after they resolve this issue? I have a Honda Clarity Electric lease that expires Jan. 4th, 2022, and like to see what my options might be. Don’t really need the range.



Yes both are on Stop Sale.
Well the moment the used ones go on sale, it will be a fire sale on prices and if you wait, well you lose out. (these are the ones that are lemon buybacks) You cant say ‘on XXX Date’ the moment it starts, the feeding frenzy will start.

So keep checking.

With the current environment, I’m not sure that Bolts will be blown out when they resume sales…the 22’s are much improved over the previous generation (I have an EUV) and it will take months/years for them to replace all the batteries…they won’t be swamped overnight.

Or maybe they will be…who knows!

But if you can find a used Bolt for sale, be aware that GM is recommending basically limiting your range down to 140-150 miles…probably fine for your commute, but that depends a lot on the weather.

And you better either have a charger at work or home…without a level 2 it probably won’t work.

Hi @forbs and @manku,

Thank you for responses. Sorry, I was not clear. I was more thinking of getting a new Bolt, and was wondering if there would be some serious discounting at some stage. My drive is really short, I live in So. Cal and I have a Level 2 charger at home, and some at work. I am open to buying used as well, if the numbers make sense.



There will most likely not be a discount on new Bolts. This is the CarApocalypse after all.

The used ones will definitely be discounted especially the ones with a Lemon Law buyback branded title.