Looking for an Audi Q3 Quattro lease deal in Ohio

Hey all, I’m looking for the following:
24-39 months
10k - 12k p/yr
Premium or S-line
$500-750 TOTAL due at signing
$350 p/mo including tax MAX

I would like an S class at that price too. Seems reasonable.

Not sure if that’s sarcastic or not…Q3’s range from $32k-38k MSRP, so I think it’s reasonably achievable if the MF and residuals are good

Well it was a little sarcastic because not sure what you are asking. Are you asking someone to give you that deal just like that? Are you asking is it possible? You will not generate many responses by simply saying i want this at that price. Maybe look at edmunds for rv and mf and then start from there to see if it is even possible.

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What are you asking, if we think your goals are realistic? This forum isn’t to find you the car, you go do the work and people here can give you advice on the deals you are being offered.