Looking for advice on new BMW X3 or X5 lease


Hi Guys,

I’m new here and could use some advice. I’m currently leasing a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude and I’m looking to get out of the lease early buy doing a dealer buyout. The dealer buyout price is $33,914 and KBB value is around $31/32K. I was at the BMW dealer yesterday and they had some BMW loaner 2018 X5’s for really good deals but they have 3-5k miles on them. I like the size of my Jeep and don’t want to go to something too much smaller in length. So should I take a chance on a 2018 X5 or look into a 2019 X3 that’s smaller but brand new? The prices were similar around mid $640/month with $2000 down.

2018 X5 dealer loaner, what am I missing?

What size car should you lease?

The one that suits your needs. What is the “chance” you’d be taking on an ‘18 X5?


Well the 2018 X5 is the outgoing one. You can get deals on those if your area still has stock. But it is the older platform and older technology.

The X3 is all new so it has the newer BMW interior design. It is smaller though and if you are looking at the base car that is turbo 4 while the X5 should be a turbo 6. However the X3 will probably be a better handling car. The new one has some really good reviews.

Personally if they are the same price I’d take the outgoing X5. It is older but that means it is well sorted with most of the bugs worked out. But I value reliability more than the latest tech. You might feel differently about that. Also because you are likely to be able to score a much better deal on the X5.

The X5 is the bigger one though I’m not sure it is quite as big as Grand Cherokee. You’ll have to check on whether it is big enough for your needs. I’m sure the new X3 probably upsized a bit but it is typically a size class below your Jeep.

Keep in mind BMW likes to have lots of extra packages to add features that might be common on other vehicles. Make sure a loaner X5 has what you want on it. It might be pretty stripped down. Also if leasing a loaner you want one with under 5,000 miles on the clock due to the way BMW handles loaners.

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KBB value really isn’t very accurate. You should fig out how much the dealer is willing to give you for your car (or alternatively get a quote from vroom or carvana, do a search there’s tons of info about this on LH).

As for X5 having a few miles on it, i wouldn’t worry about it, those are demo/former loaner cars and they are covered with original warranty like a new car so don’t be spooked because they have a few miles on them. Many of the best deals on this website have come from loaner cars because the dealer can discount them more due to the miles but they still qualify for new car incentives (most of the time). I’d go for the car that fits your needs better.

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Thanks a lot, they say they’ll give me $31k for my Jeep. Are there any ways to get them to come down on the price for the loaner to maybe eat up the $2k negative equity? I saw on another post an OL code, what is that?
Do you think they’ll budge on these monthly payments advertised?.


Went to the dealer tonight to get some numbers. Off top I have a trade with $2914 negative equity. They have an advertisement that states $635/month with $2k down and sale price is $58085. Tonight he said he was giving me $10k on MSRP $63835 and quoted me a payment of $699 with $4261 due at signing. I’m consumed cuz I’m thinking with the advertisements deal with my negative equity Iit would be about $732/month with the same $2k down. So if they are selling it to me for another $5k off the sale price wouldn’t it be somewhere in the $570/month range?


You aren’t comparing apples to apples. $2k down is not the same as $2k due at signing.

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Ok that makes sense. I still feel like it’s a bit high, I’m gonna keep looking. I offered to put $3k down to get to that $4261 due at signing. So $1261 was all the other costs.


You need to separate out the jeep from the BMW.

Get quotes from vroom and carvana to buy your jeep. If in LA or NYC try shift also.

On the loaner you need to get really numbers like is in the faq so people can properly evaluate your deal. No one here is going to do the work for you.

BMW loaners should be a minimum of 18% off msrp. If not more for it to be hackr worthy.

Then figure out for yourself what payments should be with only paying tax title registration and first month as your the “money down”

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You don’t know they are giving you less till you figure out how much you’re paying for the new car. If you don’t want to do the work on the car by itself you’ll never know if you’re getting ripped off or not.


I’m not sure what you mean by do the work? I’m new here so I’m just trying to figure this out on the fly.


I tried to recreate this deal with the calculator and it’s not coming out right.