Looking for advice on current deals

I am new to the forum, so please do not beat me up too bad. I have always negotiated what I THOUGHT were good lease deals in the past until I found this site. I now feel dumb to this game, lol! We are in the Midwest/ OH region, and looking to trade in our 17 Durango early for a newer SUV. My wife has somewhat narrowed down her choice to Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Traverse, Toyota 4Runner. She likes leather/ sunroof / heated seats so I know the Tahoe might be a bit out of reach unless she accepts an LS model. We would like no more than first month OOP and either 36/12 or 24/12. We would like to be under or near $500/month. I do apologize if this is not the appropriate place to ask this question or if there is a better way to do this. I have browsed the many deals that have been posted and it does seem possible. I do not have any specifics from the dealers yet, and one last thing, we may have around $1000 negative equity on the trade unless I sell it private. So now that my rookie status has been revealed…

Toyota 4Runner Limited - $500, $500 OOP, 36/12k
Chevrolet Traverse AWD Redline - $500, $500 OOP, 36/12k
Chevrolet Tahoe LS AWD LS - $500, $500 OOP, 36/12k
CX9, Atlas, Telluride are also considerations

Am I expecting too much? Can these deals be had with $1000 negative equity? Am I in the wrong spot and I need to learn more about this site? Thank you anyone, for advice!!

T4R can be done according to recent deals,

Traverse is likely as well.

Tahoe? Not without a miracle, employee pricing, some other out of body experience.

The rest should be doable within your confines.

The answer to your question and to any blind payment question like this is “it depends”. Never, ever just blindly payment shop. You will either get screwed (paying way too much than you should) or get ignored by dealers (having an unrealistic expectation). You need to contact dealers for quotes and do research on all the variables that affect a lease payment (reasonable selling price discount, incentives for your region, MF, RV, local fees etc). Plug these numbers into the lease calculator and you’ll get your answer. Sounds like you’ve already searched the forums which is a good start, but regional lease programs differ so no one is able to tell you what a “good lease payment” is, especially with your potential negative equity.

Anyway, do this legwork on your own for each vehicle you’re interested on and then come back and get our take, or hire a local broker to do the work for you.

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