Looking for a place to start on a A7

Looking to get an A7 to help my cousin. Any idea how much % off on average they are doing now off MSRP and MF rates. I’m in SoCal and if anyone’s had a lead of where to start I would appreciate it thanks.

@IvanAudi seems like a good place to start and finish.


I vouch for what @Jon said about @IvanAudi

2017 A7’s were under 1% in December due to some crazy bonus cash. The residuals were awful but the selling prices were close to 20% off msrp to compensate.

With the 2019 model being all new, I’d imagine 2018s will be attainable at 1% later this year if you can wait.

45 res for 36 months 15k miles
48 res for 36 months 10k miles
.00015 MF
only bonus cash is Audi loyalty

These are beautiful cars! Would love to have an S7.

Anyone have a lead in SoCal on a dealer or manager?

Look above 2020202020

lol thanks for the shout out :joy: