Looking for a lender / lease company that works with people with bad credit

Hello everyone.

I have a client of mine with an extremely low credit score due to a long drawn out and contested divorce they dealt with. They are in need of a vehicle and looking to lease or finance it. However, their credit score is extremely low (530ish).

Are there any companies out there that can help them? If so, please share.

Thank you in advance.

I’ve heard Mitsubishi is pretty forgiving but they may want to finance with that score.

Typically, scores like that mean no leasing.


Even if they can hang it, the interest rate is going to be usury. I would not waste any time pursuing this, especially if I had a fiduciary responsibility to them.

Your client would be better off purchasing a good used (ideally CPO) car at whatever best interest rate their credit union will offer. Get preapproved and shop with a credit union check.

Good luck to them.

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They need a vehicle as part of their job. Therefore, they will need to find an option.

Isn’t the quote below an option?

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Credit union will be the best option out there. Local the better.

Purchase also the best option.

Can they get a co-signer?

Best thing your client can do is finance the most reliable, cheapest car, finance it for a short term (36-48 months), and make payments for 1-2 years while the credit score rises. After that refinance it for a lower rate.
Nissan, Santander, Capital One, GM Financial. https://www.blueskymarketing.com/partners/lender-directory/

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Have them join a credit union too

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Correct, but leasing may not be one of them.

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Ally maybe with co-signer.

Which job mandates leasing a brand new car as a condition of employment? You may be a great lease broker but I don’t think you are a good financial adviser?


He said they’ll need one NOT required… and need to find an option.

Didn’t say anything about “it has to be a lease”

OP already suggests that purchase is an option.