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I’ve just moved to CA and will be here for just a couple of years. I do not want to buy a new car since i don’t want the hassle of moving it once i’m done here.

Can you help me if there’s a good lease deal in the Bay area? I’m on a light budget (Thanks to my extremely inflated rent). I need to know if there’s any good deal which sums upto about 5000-6000k over 24 month period or maybe even lower. I’ve done a lot of research and found the below cars MIGHT come into that bracket.

  • Chevy Cruze LS/LT
  • Hyundai Accent SE
  • Nissan Sentra S
  • Any other(?)

I contacted the Chevy dealer near me and he quoted 2000 down and 300 a month. I’m definitely not looking to spend about 9k on a car for 2 years. I have a credit score of about 665-675.

Is there something specific i should consider? Am i missing any good deals?

Hyundai Elantra. Search for the relevant threads

Hi Lord,
I work w/ the largest Nissan dealership in southern California, I can help you get a great lease on a Sentra SV. Get in contact me with at 619-228-1067- My name is Allen, San Diego.
$0 down 24 month lease 12k miles/year $260 include tax. 36 month $200 including tax

Where are you in the bay area? Corolla and Elantra are currently leasing well right now. Send me a PM and I can help you since I’m from the area as well.

If it’s just 2 years and your mileage requirement is low as well, you should look at a LeaseTrader or such. Or if you don’t mind dealing with selling a car, you can buy whatever fits your needs used with good resale and then sell in 2 years taking a lesser of a hit.

I’m Ok with buying used and selling it after 2 years. I still think I’d take a hit of about 3-4k?

I’ve been really confused about buying used or leasing. And i think the advantage of driving a new car (with lesser maintenance) and no headache of finding a seller at the the end makes leasing better.

Even if you lease that Sentra SV for $260 a mo, still comes to $6200 over 2 years, so if you don’t feel comfortable with purchase (btw. what we’ve done when leases weren’t there?) just go with LeaseTrader if someone offers cash incentives or it’s just a good deal to begin with. You don’t have to lose money on the car just becasue of your situation imo. Offer them to take over lease with $$$ incentives and see what they say. http://www.leasetrader.com/2015_Nissan_Sentra_SL_266117.xhtml

I just went to the Orange County (Irvine) BMW dealer and they have SO much inventory on SUV’s. I was quoted the below on the X3:

MSRP: $46,995

36 month / 10k miles
MF: .00191
Residual Value: $28,956
MONEY DOWN: $3,000
Quote: $590 / month (AHHH) then quickly negotiated down to $486/month

Is a revised rebuttal of $450 pre-tax fair? That assumes about 12% off MSRP. I should also mention they are doing tint and powder coat wheels in that cost. But with over 60 on the lot and the 2018 model coming in a couple months, should I push for sub $40,000 on sale price?

You’re on a wrong thread buddy but to help you, base MF for x3 is .00151. I’m not sure where the downpayment is going but hopefully it’s to MSDs. Putting 7 MSD will bring your MF to .00102 and you’ll get your money back after the lease term. If you can get 12% off MSRP, you’ll be at $449 inc tax.

BMW does not do MSDs any longer.

Whoops, sorry. I couldn’t actually find where to start a new post - my bad, but thank you. The dealer manager told me that they don’t accept MSD’s any longer. The $3k is straight cash down payment.

Thanks for the info, Jon. I’m late on the news.

Unless you really want your payment to be low, I wouldn’t put 3k down since you’ll lose it if ever the car gets totaled in an accident.

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