Looking for a ball park idea for a xc90 in florida

Hello hackrs,

Wanted to know a ball park idea about a xc90 t6 momentum 6p with 21" wheels.
Was looking into the forum but couldn’t get a price for that specific car. Am I too far from 600 tax in with 0 down no MSDs


Search for discounts on XC90 T6, specific options don’t matter.

What do the numbers say when you run them? Given the current lease programs and your vehicle of interest, what pre-incentive discount is required to hit that random monthly target?

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I will. Thanks

I haven’t done any numbers yet. Don’t know exactly how to. I was looking into the search but most of the unicorn deals are from 2019 and early 2020. With the pandemic thing the inventory is really tight so don’t know if those deals can be replicated.

Gather program information from Edmunds (rv/mf/incentives). Plug that in to the LH calculator (the faq can help you with how) and adjust the sales price to determine what is needed to get your monthly. You can then use that pre-incentive discount to compare against other deals and broker offerings. There are lots of xc90 deals to pull from.

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Got it. Will do. Thanks.

FWIW, at the end of 2020 I signed a 2021 XC90 T5 Momentum 7 seater FWD with 9.17% Pre-Incentive discount + $2000 Lease cash incentive + $1250 Costco incentive…1st month drive off + $6000 MSD due at signing = $544 month pre tax… Region: Southern California