Longevity of EVs and Maintenance Costs

Interesting breakdown from SoCal based Tesloop in Autoweek

Most EVs are still too young to die of old age, but not the Teslas at Tesloop, a Southern California-based fleet that rents the EVs to customers who need to travel from San Diego to LA or destinations in between. The Tesloop cars can clock up to 17,000 miles a month and need to recharge as often as twice daily. Several of its cars are nearing a half-million miles—when most fleets ditch their cars after 100K. Tesloop shared its data with Quartz, which teased out some interesting conclusions.

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Yep, i read about them many times. It’s crazy what they put the cars through but you have to hand it to them…they found a way to profit bigly on the SC for free Tesla was offering for the S/X. Going 17k miles per month on free fuel can add up super fast.

On the data…these cars are definitely outliners. I remember reading on one that was over 450k miles (2 years old) and had the battery replaced twice under warranty…this extreme charging schedule is not what normal people do with their cars. Personally, i’m very curious to see just how many regular miles a Tesla battery can last.