Login button on homepage

Hello ,

Is there a reason there is no login button on the home page or on the calculator page?. I only see that on the forum page. This is the same case with signup or login.

What’s the need to login to the homepage or calculator page?

Presumably because the home page and calculator page aren’t individualized content or part of the forum. You get the log in option for the forum when you come to the forum pages.

To be honest yes no need to add a login page for calculator but even though me being a frequenter user of the website took me a flew clicks to understand how to login to this site. Don’t really see a need to hide the login page all the way at forums. It might be weird but it felt like the site was trying to make it hard for me to login for no reason.

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I think it’s likely more of a byproduct of the forum/site software, where the forum is it’s own little entity.