Local Jaguar F-Pace lease deal

What are the odds of getting this HOT car for ~$525 with tax per month with 10k miles?

Spell out the deal. I can’t see anything except a blank chat window and tiny fine print that includes a 5k cap cost reduction.

Sorry, it’s in the background but it’s very light.

$50,495 MSRP
7.5k miles
$5,000 cap reduction

Think 36/10k with 0 cap reduction with tax $525/mo. can be done?

What is the selling price that results in this payment, and how much off MSRP is that?

So, extra $150/mo and lower residual will give you $25/mo lower payment? :slight_smile:

The one I built is $55k MSRP

Very steep uphill battle. You are really asking for them to come down 140 a month on the Cap Reduction and 20 a month on the extra mileage and $50 a month off published price of 549 (without tax). Not happening in my opinion.

Ps - if you need pointers on screenshots, I can help lol :slight_smile:

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Lmao don’t judge me bro I’m on my phone :joy:. Yeah I figured it was a stretch, maybe something more realistic is around $575/mo? I really wanted to stay under $600

What is the RV/MF for the F-Pace this month? Are you sure the MF is .00001? Seems highly doubtful.

I was thinking the same, I got it from Edmunds.

Numbers there are different for different models. 0.00001 is for 35t awd R

In that case it’s .00003 for the 35t AWD

They want $688+/month for a $50k car and 7500miles/yr?! I know the F-Pace is a highly desired car, but that seems outrageously high. I’m no expert, but my gut is telling me that’s above MSRP?