Loberant WRUUUUU?!?!

Are you missing in action?

Was hoping to see the next batch of Mini and BMW demo car deals!

Do you run similar batches for other brands? Thanks!

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IIRC - many of his incentives were taken away starting 3/1 so deals would be much higher than prior months.

2017 is shaping up into a disaster for the financing arms of automobile companies since wholesale auction prices which determine residual rates have dropped due to all the leases they signed three years ago that now need to be resold.

That being said, wait until the end of the the year. If BMW wants to move metal to compete with MB or to reduce inventory deals may reappear.

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Forget the beamers and Minis … I’d like to see Loberant switch gears to Benz or Audi etc loaners.


Sonic has seven Audi and seven MB dealers, so there’s nothing stopping him. :slight_smile:

Are you saying that buying a used car off the auction is a good idea now or is it like catching a falling knife on prices?