Loaner Volvo Leasing

Hi All,

What is the standard process for Volvo Loaner leases?

  • Is there a mileage limit?
  • Does it still follow New Car policy?
  • What are the gotcha’s on the loaners?


6000, elaborate, depending what you’re asking yes/no, and it’s already said on the forum.

The Volvo loaners have been well-documented on the forums, but it comes down to the specific car you are looking at.

V60 CC.

I’ll do some more forum searching.

More of specific vehicle, not specific model. Different dealers handle their loaners differently, so some are able to give substantial discounts on loaners and some don’t at all.


It is not, if he asked what I think he did: max allowed mileage to be eligible for lease. 10,000

I interpreted as mileage limit for loaners…

6000 is a mileage threshold for how the dealer books the loaner, but it can still be leased with more miles on it than that

I understand, I just was referring to the 6k full term number, but you definitely are right.

Mileage can be lower when a loaner has been in fleet for 6+ months. Mine had 5,500 miles

Ours was punched as full term at 2600 iirc. I was referring to the term numbers (3k and 6k rip full term Volvo loaners). When the full terms start drying up, half terms are what’s going to be left.

It is not just miles, but miles/months
4.5k/3 months or 6k/6 months

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Hi, I’m looking at a demo/loaner from a dealer that has 9500 miles. How should I think about discounting with such high mileage? (I realize that there will be a significant mileage penalty added back into my calculations), but should I be pushing for a much higher dealer discount? I got the impression discounts for loaners with 3-4K miles should at least get a 15% pre-incentive discount. Any guidance with one that has so many more miles? Thanks

Not worth it with $1,900 penalty. Find a lower mileage one.

Thanks for the advice.