Loaner miles question

Hey guys! What is the maximum amount of miles on a loaner would you be comfortable with ? Say for a 10K/36months

It’s not the amount of miles comfortable with…it’s what the captive supports. What brand?


Every mile is equivalent to 1/17th of one fart. So it really just depends how many farts you’re comfortable sitting on.


Well if it’s a bimmer 4999, because after that the deal sucks. My comfort level is directly related to the payment, lower payment, higher comfort level. It’s basically a 2 or 3 year rental car, who cares? I would like it under warranty, especially if it’s one of these overly complicated European cars

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Agree with @joeblogs. For the right price, I’ll drive a car with 20,000 fart-er-miles…makes no difference to me given that it goes away.

For me it would come down to the condition of the vehicle (tire tread depth, scratches/dents, interior wear, etc.) and the price of the lease. As others have said - for the right price, the miles have little importance.

Great feedback guys! Appreciate it …I just figured the more wear/tear on the car… the more likely you’ll deal with car issues during your 3 year lease ( I could be wrong).

Few thousand miles is nothing. The bigger issue is lease support. You can lease a BMW with 9999 miles, but after 5k you lose incentives and have a residual drop. Without a substantial dealer discount, it’s cost prohibitive to do so.

Thank you all for your insightful input , i appreciate it. Is it foolish to assume that by leasing a loaner you are putting yourself at risk for having to replace tires, break discs, etc at the end of the lease (due to the fact that there were a few thousand miles on it already?) As opposed to a newer lease…

Not at all, rather a valid concern. I got the feeling from comments here, that if you take a BMW with 4500 miles, you will need to get one set of tires even with 10k/year, correct ? What is the expected 330i tire mileage ?

I assumed a BMW lease last month with a Lease warranty, so I plan to return it in fall with minimal thread depth with no worries.

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