Loaner Lease Discount

Hello All-

Is Leasing a Loaner normal and what type of discount should I be looking at compared to say a new car?


It depends on the brand, do a search on the forum. There are plenty of topics and information available.

A fellow member just got 25% off before rebates on a bmw 330i wagon with 3,700 miles or so

It’s not too hard to find 20% off, but it depends on the brand. BMW has some great discounts right now on their loaners, at least in the LA area

Loaners can be leased if they are under certain mileage criteria set by the manufacturers. Discount will often be better than leasing new, but can sometimes be as a result of a lower residual value based on used miles already on the car, so you net out the same or worse. Like Moodyhank said, search the forum for loaner details from different brands.

Hi LAchane,

I am actually looking for a loaner BMW. Any dealers you can recommend?

Thanks Siejammy! Makes sense.

Shelly BMW in Buena Park was great to work with. They have a loaner section on their website that makes it easy to look for good deals. Just look for cars under 5k mileage with a large discount off MSRP. Their prices don’t include lease cash and loyalty.

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thank you for the tip. sorry for late reply.