Livestream of new Tesla model in 20min

Running late…just like everything else Tesla related


Boring. Bigger model 3

It’s expected and the right way to go. Tesla won’t be able to survive by keep publishing models that are only affordable by the rich…sharing parts with Model 3 is the way for EVs to prevail. In fact, most manufactures do the same!

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Agreed, I just think it was pretty tame compared to previous launches

Laziest design of a new model ever. They stretched the Model 3 vertically into some weirdly-proportioned 3-series GT sort of thing.

At first I couldn’t tell from the front that it’s a SUV, from the side it looks like BMW 3GT or X4… like a baby model X… surprising seats 7!

I’ve said it before and I will continue screaming it. When can we STOP referring to this and the Model X as SUVs? With the suspension in ‘normal’ mode the ground clearance less than a Toyota Corolla. It’s only 0.5 inches higher than a Miata! and even on the highest off road setting it’s lower than an Outback.

They’re a really, really spacious hatchback.

Or maybe sexy minivans


Mall crawling is a tough business

Just drive one. These cars may not be lookers in a classic sense, but they are very capable drivers vehicles.

Telsa began with beautiful cars, I hate how they have transformed into horrid looking bubble cars with no character. They really had the ability to pull this off. I feel like each new vehicle is uglier and uglier. They look like Chinese copies of actual cars you’d want to own.

Oh I’m absolutely not a Tesla hater. I would be seriously considering the new ‘$35k’ model 3 if I was able to charge at home. I’m just annoyed they keep calling these sexy minivans, SUVs. They just aren’t in any way SUVs.

Having said that, I get equally annoyed when Hertz tries to flog me an Altima as a ‘Full size’

Amen to that!

I really like what Tesla is trying to do – The only thing holding me back is build quality (glass roofs cracking and it ends up being a $3k replacement).

If you drive alot – get a Tesla – you will save a shit ton money on gas – gas prices are low now but if they trend upwards Teslas are going to be the hottest thing on the market.

what other $35k ev looks as good as the telsa? The best part you really cant tell the difference between the $35k and $65k tesla

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If you need cargo practicality I’d think the Model Y has the Model 3 beat. I’m sure it will do well for Tesla and perhaps they will take lessons from the 3 and improve the overall build quality.

Other than that it seems to have all the pluses and minuses of the Model 3 which makes sense. It isn’t going to change your mind if you don’t like their other products. I was disappointed that they did not indicate where it would be built.

Frankly I thought the biggest thing mentioned was the move to Super Charger 3.0 which Musk claimed could add 1,000 miles of charge in an hour. That would imply 20 minute charging times for 300 mile Teslas though I suspect they will manage that a bit for battery preservation reasons. To me the Super Charger network is still Tesla’s ace in the hole and if things get desperate Tesla could make some serious capital if they opened up the network to another manufacturer’s vehicles.

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This is a huge reason I have no interest in buying a Tesla. I wish them well and hope they improve but until the overall quality massively improves they are not the right vehicle for me.

Isn’t it a warranty replacement?

The problem is every manufacturer seems to do it. Most of these so called SUV are crossovers at best… and actually hatches. Still fine cars…i just wish we had some kind of standard in the industry. This car is a cross but it’s pretty darn spacious.
I too subscribe to the opinion that the Y is to close in appearance to the 3…but this is probably due to the need of keeping costs down. That glass roof is pretty nice! The wait times are a shock to me, i did not expect to see that considering the Y will share so many parts with the 3.

No idea but I was referring more to the overall build quality rather than a specific issue. I’m sure Tesla makes things right but I’m not spending $50K to have my car in the shop frequently. Same reason I’m not buying an Alfa. Other people have a different threshold of pain for that which is completely understandable.