Live Chat For Forum Members


What if LH had a live chat function for forum members to sit in?

Has this been discussed before?


A/S/L ? Good ol days


Hahahaha… A/S/L pls

That how it used to start :wink:


You’ll have to add that jargon to the leasehackr lexicon…bet there’s plenty of early 20 somethings here that have no clue what that means.


What would be discussed live that couldn’t be discussed in a thread? Just curious what your thoughts are.

Personally, I do enough chats via Skype at work I probably wouldn’t be interested unless it were something pivotal.


I think it can be a cool idea. To allow members to chat instead of a private message if the person is online. Not to replace threads but for 1:1 contact. It will add a cost to server hosting fees though


I don’t know. This is a community of folks. You don’t have to be logged on as it probably wouldn’t be targeted to you. However, I’ve been a member of other forum sites where they had a relay chat function for members.

Anything could be discussed. Maybe I’m just lonely?


Just curious what idea you were thinking of. Just because it doesn’t interest me doesn’t mean others wouldn’t disagree with me. My IM/chat days are behind me though :slight_smile:


Just an IRC chatroom.

It’s a type of app and logged in members would be able to click “Chatroom” button at the top of the forums and a separate window will appear and initialize the chat function. The chat room would be filled with any member who clicked the Chatroom button.

The chatroom would allow private IM between members if they so choose. You could also mute people you didn’t like. Basic chat features. Nothing too complex. The chatroom would just present a place for members who are bored and want to chat with other like-minded individuals.

The only issue I can imagine? Moderating the live chat.


I think moderation is going to be a big challenge for a communication medium that I think would provide limited benefit to the community.

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I sure as censored am not moderating a live chat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


bet you’re wrong, its still common


Awesome idea. It’ll be a long line of “please pm dealer info” :joy:


Maybe true! I envisioned just an extensive off topic chat.


It will be programmed in as an emoji, so you don’t even have to type it out…1 click and done.


I’m in my 40s and had to look that up… :wink: