List of places to sell or value your car online

Does carfax history based value have any real meaning for the dealers that reach out to you? or it’s like kbb values

Yes and No. yes if the value shown is beneficial for a dealer. no if it’s more then they’re willing to pay. Basically…it’s just an “estimate”.

I’m currently shopping an old lease around for the best buyout. Do you have to provide a payoff figure upfront? Driveway is telling me that it’s “necessary”… seems like they could use that to lowball me. Am I overthinking this?

If they lowball you, that’s just your sign to move on.

Is there a list/indicator of which, if any, will buyout before permanent tags are received?

No, though someone said a FCA dealer can do it for a FCA product, but even then they are taking a major risk and can’t sell your car until it is titled properly.

From experience many local dealers can do if You have a lease founded and the account #

Was your car registered at that time? Did they require registration?

I don’t know. I have not sold a car to them

Sorry, replied to the wrong post.

Was your car registered at that time? Did they require registration?

It was registered - I had been driving it for 14 months before I sold it. I don’t know if they require it or not.

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Well, maybe not any car….th’ers, if this belongs in off ramp, feel free to move.


I’m suspicious of that user name


Username totally checks out.

I think @mllcb42 was pointing at 'blessed", its the new thing

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Someone needs to add Clutch to the list in the first post.

I just deposited the equity check from the sale Clutch brokered. Clutch brought me an offer $3,000 more than anyone on that list. Subtract $500 broker fee and that’s still $2,500 more than the best I could do on my own, and I didn’t have to pay the broker fee until after I accepted the offer.


Is @Clutch an option nationwide or just in their footprint?