List of Lenders that Allow for Third-Party Buyouts

@michael can you please add Volvo to the list that currently doesn’t allow 3rd party buyouts, and Volvo dealers can only accept on trade for another Volvo (ok let us know if it’s ok to make edits on your behalf?)

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Feel free to edit the Wiki!

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It won’t let me. Too many people mentioned. Limits us mere mortals to 10 @s per post.


I heard same thing from Hyundai, but 4 separate entities have said they won’t buyout Hyundai’s so de facto it doesn’t work. I’m personally buying my lease out now and they are super difficult to work with, the Porsche dealership sounded like they just find em too much trouble.

Carvana and Algo both say no to a Hyundai lease buyout.

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One car buying website said they won’t buy Hyundai lease as well for me. But that doesn’t mean Hyundai isn’t allowing third party buyouts…

I’m posting this because one manager at the Ford dealership caused a huge issue because he saw this forum which is incorrect.

That was a Saturday as well. My wife and I did research and found no publications stating it. Then Monday morning we called and everyone at HMFC said that’s not true and they are allowing non-Hyundai dealers to buy at same buyout…They sent proof to the dealer in writing.

So thanks to the false information we had a stressful two days for no reason.

Hyundai is still allowing 3rd party dealer buyouts.

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By chance are you in CT?

Nope, in Nebraska.

When did you sell the car? I see the letter dated 9/9, but usually takes HMF about 6 weeks to get those letters out.

9/4/21 purchase.

Call HMF Monday… The rule hasn’t changed for Hyundai Motor Finance. They accept 3rd party buyouts from non-Hyundai dealers.

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I believe you, but I also believe everyone else. Reminds me of the Uber hack years ago. Some dealers could do it but most couldn’t. HMF perhaps not the best run bank. They sent me a refund check several months ago after I sold a leased kona and the check bounced. Still haven’t been able to get that corrected.

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Yah it was very upsetting when the manager told us this wrong info. Then Monday morning, I called and confirmed that no changes had been made. Dealer said great we just need it in writing that the rule hasn’t changed and the CS rep even three way called the dealer while on the line so they could email the dealer stating HMFC still allows lease buyouts.

Saved us from having to finance the $21k buyout ($25.5k trade allowance), go pay the dmv the taxes on that $21k and then trade in the Santa Fe as an owned asset. Even thou that route would have been $300 cheaper as the $4500 in trade equity we wouldn’t have had to pay taxes on…

Problem is with dealerships less motivated, they often don’t want the hassle. Hyundai very slow with titles, and in this market dealerships want to flip fast. There’s an expedited wholesale title company and I noticed they don’t list Hyundai as a partner.

I was speaking to BMW FS this week about my payoff, and specifically asked if I could sell to a third party (like Carmax, etc) and they said yes. And explained the line in the payoff quote area on the website was about the fact that a payoff for a third party might be lower since they may not have to pay tax. I live in SoCal.

Does it sound like I received bad information?

No, your info is correct. Bmw is still allowing 3rd party sales, they have just added a restriction that the lessee must be the one that requests the dealer pay off. They will not send it to a dealer requesting it.

did you have to wait for the car title to arrive first before selling it to other dealers?
if yes, how long did it take to get the title?

I am looking to pay off my lease so i can sell in 3rd party market as well.


I spoke to Hyundai Motor Finance today about 3rd parties and the rep said those buyouts are fine. I would just need to be present when they call in for payoff. But other than that, she said no issues on their side.

OK - thanks - I was just confused by the original post where I thought it said that BMW FS was one of the lessors where you could not do this. Thanks again.