Ling's Cars - UK's Largest Car Leasing Site

Came across this webpage I just HAD to share.

Really need the brokers on Leasehackr to step up their brokerage webpages… that’s if they want to compete against Ling. UK broker with a webpage that’s pure comedic gold. Also see an A3 lease for $370/mo. Not bad …

Ling’s Car Lease:


Article on Vice: Is the Future of Web Design
Currently on an around the world bike trip: Lings Bike Trip - Bike

This is amazing.

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Haha is that made with Geocities?

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Honestly, this looks way more trustworthy than some of the low rent broker stuff I’ve seen here.


The webpage has features that are way more advanced than GeoCities. It’s the webpage that keeps on giving :joy:

started to go into a seizure viewing the website. My eyes my eyes!

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I should go work for her. She looks serious.


Is this a challenge.


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I kind of love everything about this.

The car biz is definitely defined by personalities. Good idea to lean into that.

“Lings Cars”

“Lins Cars”


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Any clicks are good clicks mike.


What would Stones say?

ling’s cars vs. car wow

Oh wow…just time-warped to 2005. Ling was / is nuts and good for her going on this new adventure.

She absolutely tore a new one through the motor trade industry that’s never been repeated, nor is it likely to. It’s true the establishment HATED her, she was female, a foreigner and kind of weird, and that played into her plan perfectly. At first they wrote her off as a joke, underestimated her, and then she upper cut them right in the kisser, and launched her business.

She never had cars that I wanted back then. The deals were pretty good on what she did have. The leasing game in the UK was and probably is still very different to that in the USA. Go into a dealer and jabber on about residuals and cap cost reductions and money factors and they would genuinely have no idea what you are going on about and suggest you call a trusted relative to come pick you up.

I haven’t checked in over a decade. I assumed the site closed down a long time ago. I hope she pocketed a nice big chunk, but really she should have taken a chairwoman position and drew a salary along too. It sounds like she basically gifted it to them. Lucky employees are now owners.

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