Lincoln MKC and MKZ?

Hey Guys,

Any thoughts on Lincoln MKC and MKZ? I’m in Los Angeles. Thinking about test driving and deals. Would love to know your thoughts.

Expensive Fords but they apparent lease better than a ford. You will still pay more than the equivalent BMW or Mercedes.

What would be an equivalent BMW or Mercedes 328i or CLA300?

I used to drive a lot of rental cars (for business trips) and my two favorites were the BMW 528 and Lincoln MKZ. BMW was a lot more fun to drive, but Lincoln was by far the most luxurious car I’ve ever driven. I can’t speak for the numbers, but I’m guessing you could get a BMW 3 series for less than an MKZ, but you won’t be able to get a 5-series at that price point which I feel would be a more similarly sized/luxury car. I think it all depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want sporty/fun or pure luxury?

Def not a CLA (that’s tiny)

MKC is a Xover so X3 or GLC

MKZ is the size of an E-class/5-series/A6 but competes on price with 3-series/A4/etc

I think the 5 series is leasing really well right now and you could get a great deal on one.

Thanks for the info Guys. Yeah I liked the MKZ. Id love to get into a 5 series but can’t find a good deal. Anybody find a good deal in Los Angeles for a 5 series.

Call Hamlet at New Century BMW. He has loads of 5 series he needs to get rid of. Look at my other thread to work out how to get the best deal.

Awesome Thank you Ed!