Lincoln Corsair or Infiniti Qx50 -trouble getting deal

I have an Infiniti Qx50 Essential ($49k) and was able to pull off $400 with 0 DAS 2 years ago on a 2019…trying to pull off similar deal for my parents on the same vehicle or a Lincoln Corsair and seems the dealers aren’t interested in dealing right now at all. Is this something to do with Covid or did I just get a unicorn deal? Located in South Florida

Probably just the target car.

forget about 90+ percent of vehicles out there. Focus only on what’s found recently in Shared Deals and Marketplace

Or none of the above. A QX50 isn’t a Lincoln Corsair and deals from 2 years ago on a QX50 are not even remotely relevant to a current deal on a Lincoln Corsair.

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true but the point of my question was meant to be more general even though I was using those as examples. Just sharing that I’m having a hard time breaking 1% or even coming close on a 0 DAS on a car like these ($36-$46 mid level luxury brand)

1% is a useless metric for if something is a good deal or not anyway.