Lincoln Aviator or Cadillac XT6


Hello All,

So we recently got a C43 for my wife after totaling her Volvo S90. All is well and I think we got a good deal. So anyway, my wife and I are planning for a family this year so we will trade in my CLS. Usually I am a German car lover but man these American car brands definitely stepping up their game. I will take over my wife’s C43 and she will get the new car. Both are set to arrive mid 2019. Anyone have any good insights on maybe owning a Lincoln or Cadillac in the past? Below are links for each car!





An overpriced Explorer or Traverse… tough choice but I would go with Explorer. I mean Aviator.

Just make sure you fit in in well. I was really surprised how tight Explorer is in second row. I have to admit they do look nice inside. Classy and so on. If only the quality will follow that might be something interesting. Ford’s 3.5l twin turbo is really nice and brisk, I’m curious if Aviators 3.0 feeling, numbers are truly impressive.



If I had to pick between the two I’d get the Aviator. The XT6 has a mediocre power train and rubbish interior. The Kia Telluride has an interior miles ahead of the XT6. Honestly I’d get a Q7 or an X5, both are probably much better.



Lookings NOTHING like the explorer, inside and out. The interior quality of the Navigator and Aviator is off the charts. Craps all over anything German that is within 40k of its price range.



Just based on the cars, I’d be inclined to get the Aviator.

Are there any Lincoln enthusiast forums so that you can get a sense of what the ownership experience is like in your area? My partner has a Ford (yes, I know, not exactly the same thing), and the nearby service station is so idiotic that I would have second thoughts about getting another Ford product…



They may not look alike but being same platform and Aviator being based off Explorer they will have a lot in common. Like said above if the quality follows that should be a very nice SUV to have. Not sure if a good material for a lease hack but a nice car. I’d really want to give a try to those 450hp and 600 Nm of torque.



There’s 10 Ford dealers within 20 miles of me either way. Why not just go to another?



As far as Lincolns go, there’s only 1 Lincoln dealership w/i a 20-mi radius.

There are 3 total Ford dealerships w/i that radius of me, and, at the wrong time of day, the round trip for the highest-rated one is literally a 2 to 2.5-hr drive from home.

Since the car’s out of warranty, we just take it to the local independent mechanic who does a decent job w/ it (w/ the parts he can fix, at least).



Thanks for input guys. Both cars haven’t hit show room floor from what I know. More closer look, I think Aviator would be the American SUV we would look at.



Are these your only choices? Not sure why you even need to get rid of a sedan just for one baby



No. I haven’t even looked at Germans yet lol. We will get rid of my CLS which isn’t great on room or anything. Rather have an SUV in household.



Do you do a lot of traveling? If not, an xt6/aviator is overkill. I have a 3 series and an xt5 the wife drives, and for a couple road trips a year, the xt5 is plenty big for 1 baby/toddler. I drop off/pick up the kid from daycare daily and my 3 series is fine for that as well.

To each their own, but I’ve said it before…idk why everyone that has a baby automatically thinks they need a land yacht ASAP.



I vote Aviator, simply because it’s on a rear-wheel drive platform versus wrong-wheel drive, and the engine faces the proper direction. The Caddy reminds me of a tarted up Equinox, whereas the Lincoln has proper proportions and powertrains. I also tend to put Ford/Lincoln miles ahead of anything GM puts out.



Sometimes it’s interesting to see different perspectives on the same make by 2 different people. While you would put Ford/Lincoln ahead of GM, I’d personally rather walk than drive Ford/Lincoln.

Different strokes for different folks.



Off topic, I guess, but what do you dislike about Ford/Lincoln? I had a Navigator once as a rental (I asked for a compact SUV, and literally the only thing they had was a Navigator, so…), and I thought it drove decently enough for something so gigantic. I haven’t driven an Escalade, though, so I have no point for comparison…



Same reason people that bought GM in the 80s and 90s and got a sour taste in their mouths and won’t look again. Probably nearsightedness on my part, but I simply don’t have any interest in them after a couple jalopies in the late 90s. They just aren’t on my radar anymore.



Lincoln for the after the sale perks!



I haven’t sat in a Cadillac yet that didn’t feel like a slightly tarted up Chevy. Lincoln at least tries on their interiors, with improved materials and design. Cadillac interiors look ok until you touch what they’re made with. Base model Japanese cars can build a decent interior, why can’t GM?