Lincoln Aviator Deals

I had been looking at XC90s and have gotten plenty of valuable info from this forum. With inventory now running low on R-Designs, I’ve thought about Lincoln Aviators as an alternate.

Until recently, there were no deals to be had on the Aviator and dealers were not discounting them much. Though it appears dealers are now discounting the price, I’m not so certain there are deals due to the high MSRP and the high MF. In short, does anyone know of any Lincoln Aviator Black Label deals? I’m thinking they are still in the $900+ range.

Aviators and Navigators lease awfully every single day of the year. Navigators at most, only have about $500-$750 worth of incentives. Aviators tend to have more albeit nothing crazy. For reference, I just got a quote for a black label navigator a few weeks ago because I’ve been looking for a luxury SUV as well.

WITH the A/Z plan (~10k MSRP discount), I was quoted $1,258 a month and 3k due at signing.

Thanks for your response. That is absolutely insane (the lease rate). At that price, purchasers are better off buying, but with all the reliability issues they’re (Aviators) having, such wouldn’t be a smart choice. I’m constantly in awe how American manufacturers still don’t have attractive leasing rates.

Yeah, agreed. The base rate MF’s are also sky high for lincoln. I think the black label was 0.00205 AKA 4.93% for me this month. From what I can see, Lincoln has started to think of themselves as the porsche of the domestic world and following suit with their ways. The navigator black label is an excellent SUV but no way in hell I’d pay almost $1300 for it. I can go to a BMW X7 for less than that.

An XC90 is going to lease better than a Lincoln because Volvo has better leasing programs and good deals can be achieved with reasonable discount.

I am not sure what the American SUV luxury market is, but maybe look at CPO options? Just looking at their website, there is a 6 year/100,000 mile warranty of some sort on the CPOs.