LH Virtual Happy Hour: Fri Mar 17th ☘️



I’ll start by saying, past occurrences were not easy coordinate, so I’m not especially open to suggestions (but that won’t stop anyone). Someone else can also step-up and facilitate if they want.


  • You would have to register – name and email address – for the Zoom link (no Jeffrey Toobin zoom-bombing, though I’ve handled worse)
  • When you join, you’ll be asked to rename yourself to “First Name - LH Handle” so we know who you are, and at least come on camera for a minute to say hello, and then you can switch off your camera if you aren’t comfortable. In all the prior instances, everyone stayed cam the entire time and it was a blast
  • Typically I schedule this to open the Zoom around HH time in the East coast, and keep going until the Westies join and everyone is ready to drop. May be more timeboxed, but assume that “Happy Hour” is when it might occur where you live, in the continental US (though @StingerTT usually joins from Germany, all are welcome, even Mooninites).

All polls will show who voted, so please don’t actually have your family kidnapped…

Would you attend a “Friday afternoon” virtual LH Happy Hour?
  • Absolutely 100% – I will have my family kidnapped so I’m available
  • Maybe – if I’m not washing my hair
  • No-no-no 100% GFY

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If you answered NO to the prior question, you can eject here.

If you answered YES or MAYBE:

If we open this for all, and we have more than 6-8 people attend (too many to avoid talking over), I’d be interested in
  • Breakout Rooms by affinitiy – e.g. Brokers, THers, Super Supporters, TechCrew, etc.
  • Breakout Rooms by topic – e.g. Unicorn Hunting, Flipping/Wholesaling, Meme Lounge, etc.
  • Breakout Rooms by who shows up and who I want to talk to
  • (4) Breakout Rooms by brand affinity - Tesla, Volvo, Polestar, and everything else

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In lieu of breakouts by affinity, would you prefer to have affinity Happy Hours (e.g. just Brokers/Dealers, just THers, and one for LHers that are neither THers or Brokers/Dealer)
  • Yes - separate happy hours
  • No - we’ll all get along swimmingly

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Voted accordingly. I think you either need to open this to all LHer’s, or broker/dealers/trusted hackers. There are a lot of people who are active in the community who aren’t b/d or THers, so if you’re only keeping it to those two, then I’d suggest you take this down and offline or somewhere we’re the common folk cannot view it.

Just my .02 and I’d take it with a grain of salt after my X5 deal :wink:


Agreed. Looking forward to meeting all types of LHers.

Any subset of LH is always free to create their own private ones.


Will I get landfilled by the bear on zoom too?


Will you have to be a specific age?

I can’t wait to see bear!!!


Hell naw - too many ugly dudes


I’ll bring the weighted average up, don’t worry.


Don’t worry, I voted for GFY :grin:


You’re among the top 0.001% like everybody else :smile:

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Ready for my close up



I’d smash 101010


Since I won’t be joining you kiddies…

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I prefer roasted, with extra salt, but I’ll take what I can get.

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Great idea. I would be in if scheduling works so voted maybe.

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Should Mr Potato be required to have a potato derived beverage during happy hour?

  • Yes
  • No

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18 posts were split to a new topic: What do you drink and smoke (cigars)

Since the drinking age in AD is 18, will I be allowed to partake :interrobang:


Only if you start out with cheap vodka and Natty Light like the rest of us did.


“Rye vodka”
“Ministry of food industry of USSR”

If you could keep it down after each shot, they would give you Lenin’s medal on a spot.