LH Project Cars

Anyone else have a project car? Here’s mine, 85 RX7 with a LT1 swap and a bunch of other stuff, I have had it since 2013


Nice care and sweet pic! I just sold my project car in November.

'89 Mustang GT
302 bored .30 over. Engine entirely rebuilt from bottom end up.
4.10 gears in the rear
Boyd C. wheels with Nitto rubber
Cowl hood.
Aluminum driveshaft
Subframe connectors (must for the unibody mustangs)
Adjustable rear control arms so you could get dialed in

Fun car to work on and quite easy as well. Needed some work to the body/paint but the interior and motor were flawless. Dynoed at 375hp at the wheels.

Worst part, prior owner bypassed the heater core and removed the AC so this was strictly a spring/summer/early fall ‘muscle car’.

Not a ‘fast’ car but quick from traffic light to traffic right. Car ripped once the tires warmed up and were sticky. Ohhh and plenty loud with the typical drone from dumped exhaust. Take it for a spin and can’t hear yourself think.

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Only things missing were cutoff jean shots and a mullet.

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Plus a crowd to crash into at a car meet! My friend actually did total his Mustang last year :sweat_smile:

The backend in these is fairly light but one thing I’ve noticed is that when it starts coming around a lot of people think they can ‘power’ through it, which 99% of people can’t do.

A friend of mine drifts a foxbody that is pretty stock. It works really well.