LH fantasy football league

Anyone interested? Buy-in could be a small dono to the site, and maybe the prize could be a title for a year (LH FF '22 winner), if the admins are cool with it. Thinking typical 10-12 team ppr league.


I’m interested.

count me in.

If this goes thru

I’m in for sure

I would be “in” for this.

I’m in
10 char

Count me in!


Nice, didn’t expect this to be so popular so fast! We have 9 already, so 3 more spots left.

I am in 10101010

would love to join if still available spot

One more spot! After that, feel free to continue commenting - maybe folks can start a second league if there’s enough interest

I’m in if there’s a spot left

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That’s 12! I’ll reach out to you guys to set up the league and give details about the buy-in


I almost pulled the trigger on this. I have not played fantasy football in 4-5 years because I never enjoy the games, as I constantly calculate numbers during the ones I watch.

Just remember, whoever decides to draft Christian McCaffrey, get yourself another back with your next pick. He will not make it through the season without injury (the same with Saquon Barkley).

And only draft Julio Jones as a bench player. His hamstring will have him out for a long stretch (it is an every-season thing).

But what do I know? I am just a woman who loves football (and has never won a FF championship – though I have finished second most years).

Christian Mccaffrey Dancing GIF by Carolina Panthers


I am willing to make available my spot in the LH fantasy football league for a $199 non-refundable broker fee. May take 1 to 3 weeks for your team to arrive. Organizing dealer may charge a doc fee for participation.


Are you giving buy rate too?

If anyone backs out and there’s an extra spot, I’m in!

I’d definitely be in if someone backs out or if you make it 14 team. 14 team leagues are where the boys get separated from the alphas IMO :slight_smile: