LH and dealer's calculations are way off (Ohio)

I have been confirming numbers with a dealer (this is in Ohio). LH is coming up with a monthly payment of $439 and the dealer is at $477.16. I have no reason to believe the dealer is not truthful, but I’m wondering how their numbers can be so far off from LH. The only number I don’t have from the dealer is the tax.

Here is what they sent me:

MSRP: $41,450
Sale Price: $39,450
Acquisition Fee: $895.00
Doc Fee: $250.00
License Fee: $50.00
Gross Cap: $39,967.95
Residual: 58%
Money Factor: .00139
Due at Signing: $4,000
36 Months: $477.16

Here is LH:

Don’t miss the forest thru the trees. You’re at an effective $540 on a barebones $41k sticker Audi.

Hard hard pass regardless of why you can’t get the calcs to match.


It definitely looks like you have properly input the numbers they’ve provided, so I don’t think there’s an error there.

Generally when problems like this pop up, it’s due to either the MF actually being marked up and miscommunication/assumptions there, dealer add ons that haven’t been properly captured, or the vehicle being a loaner and the RV reduction not being properly accounted for.

Which mystery Audi is this? $2k off (which seems to be not accurate because of some hidden charges) seems like not a stellar deal here for most any Audi I can think of with a $41k msrp.

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Sure you do have obvious reasons, because he’s a dealer.
And as said above the Dealer isn’t giving you 100% of the items listed so of course your calculator is lower. Maybe you are buying a $2000 ‘Must include alarm’ package

Maybe ask for a contract or deal sheet. But checking A4 numbers on LH out west the discounts are pretty big, look at marketplace for A4 deals. I just realized OP didn’t specify car model, maybe it’s not a A4.