Lexus RZ - Anyone have any first hand experience?

I know there’s been a lot of hate for the Lexus RZ online/by reviewers but I’ve recently driven one and it was super comfortable and feels like a quality Lexus.

196/220mi range can be an automatic no from a lot of people, but the low range isn’t a problem for me and with 10k lease cash + a ton of these sitting it feels like a good deal is around the corner (I’ve been dipping my toe around but #'s are still a bit high).

Anyone actually have one of these or know someone with one? I’m interested but wondering if I’m missing something besides the range/current pricing that’s making no one buy/lease them.

I’m leasing one today to take advantage of the 10k rebate and then buying it within the next few days.

Do you charge at home? It’s unlikely that anybody drives over 200 miles per day. If so, there’s no difference between a 200 miles range vehicle and a 600 miles range vehicle. People on Reddit are reporting that they get 240+ miles with the 20” luxury trim.

I sold my 2023 Model Y with comfort suspension today. I just could not stand the poor ride quality and economical interior/build quality. Range anxiety is a sickness/made up concept and if you can mentally bypass it, there’s no reason not to get the RZ.

You get to enjoy the Lexus luxury each and every day that you drive the car.


Thats awesome! Are you getting much of a discount on top of the 10k? I’ve had a couple dealers give me some numbers but nothing extra compelling as a lease yet.

I’m taking my wife to look at it tomorrow (it’s for her) so trying to do as much prep as possible.

Sent you a private message.

Can you share with the forum whether there was any dealer discount before the rebates, and if so how much?


FWIW Rodo is showing discounts up to $3200 on RZ.



Jeff has it $5500 off with his $595 broker fee

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Sales guy tried pushing the RZ onto my parents when we backed out of a RX hybrid deal. The looks aren’t quite selling, and I’m not sure why they didn’t put a bigger battery in it.

Lexus is obviously dipping it’s toes into the EV game but it’s bread and butter remains ICE and HEV drivetrains.

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I’m fine with the range, works for our lifestyle.

Really just curious if anyone’s been driving one and how it’s been + seeing what kind of deals are out there.

So many dealers have 20-50 on the lot.

Family Friend picked one as a second vehicle. Lexus family since the 1st gen RX400h and they were on the pre-order list at their local dealership. They got one before Lexus passed on the rebate, so full pop order.

Spent some time with them in their RZ, and they love the interior as its familiar based/similar to the 23 RX (The newer GA-K based lexus seem to share a very similar interior layout). Having said that they use Level 1 at home, which according to them is more then enough since its a second local errand vehicle and a full E tank isnt really necessary. According to them Level 1 takes about 2 days to fully charge, while level 2 is about 9 hours…take that as you may.

That being said they don’t plan on keeping it after the lease is over, since its early Lexus EV tech and look forward to what Lexus under new management is poised to bring to market.

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They didnt expect EVs to takeoff as they did until much later. Now they’re knocking on proverbial doors looking for batteries.

Not sure why you want to buyout the RZ unless the MF and monthly payments are high.

The RZ is not the type of vehicle you’d keep for 10 years. Let Lexus take the massive depreciation hit and walkaway when your lease is up.


Based solely on specs, the RZ seems dead on arrival – less range, interior volume, and acceleration for $20K more than a Model Y after tax credit.

But as a cheap lease, it could be a nice vehicle to drive around, with better ride quality, isolation, and fit and finish than the Tesla. I imagine Lexus will have to ramp up lease incentives in the coming months to get these cars off dealer lots.


Spot on. From what I gather from some folks with direct knowledge of the RZ program targets, their sales goal for the RZ is 6k this year. If the ChDM is any indicator of RZ/BZ program then expect a lot more incentives. According to ChDM Toyota/lexus was stunned when they were not able to move these units at a premium, and basically ended up having to give them away at DEEP DISCOUNTS and then offer 80%/60%/50% guaranteed buyback after 1/2/3 years. With leasing the latter is of course is available, but the incentives are still quite lacking thus far.


Took my wife in to test drive it today and see if this could be the one for her and but she ended up passing.

She loved:
The ride - quiet, comfy, peppy, handles way better than RX
Interior Quality - finish is nice, feels basically like any other lexus, sound iso is excellent.
To me it feels like a real nice luxury crossover.

She did not love:
The styling - In person she felt like it looked like something that’ll look dated soon.
Headroom - The RZ had less headroom than our x3 (she said it felt claustrophobic even though it has more leg space).
More crossover than SUV - After driving the RZ and the RX she realized she wants more of an SUV and the RZ feels like it’s too much of a crossover/car,
Pano Roof Dimming (or lack there of) - Premium version doesnt have the “dimming” for pano roof as an option so you’re always getting blasted by the sun (rough when you live in socal).

Pricing: Our rough deal was 5850 off MSRP + 10k lease cash, which makes it somewhat competitive to the Model Y. I’m pretty sure if we wanted it today there was a little more we could’ve gotten.

Overall I still think this is a MUCH nicer vehicle than the Model Y, I would 100% pay the premium over it. The RZ really feels like a different class of vehicle. If it was my daily instead of hers, we would’ve probably gotten it and I would’ve been upset later this year when the incentives get crazy since you can see they sales team is frustrated they can’t move them (and obviously theres so many of them).

Our journey in replacing her X3M will continue (for a long time probably).


I was in your position and ended up with the RZ. I’ll make a recommendation for you based on what you said. Audi Q4 and Mercedes EQB

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Not sure why folks compare this to the Y.

It’s direct competitor is the Genesis GV60 and that barely sells. Wonderful EV with loads of modern tech/luxury and an 800V architecture but folks basically don’t care.

Buying an EV from a company that advertises heavily about how much they hate EVs is tough.

I wonder if they are going to create a fourth badge-engineered version of this as a Mitsubishi.

(The Toyota bZ4x, Subaru Solterra, and Lexus RZ are all the same car)

We actually bought one of these last week in the Luxury trim and we love it.

The range is only a problem for people who need it. I seriously think this range issue is over blown. Unless you don’t have access to a level 2 home charger or you need to drive an excessive amount of miles-it’s not a problem. And because they went with smaller and lighter batteries the car handles better than most in it’s class. It’s an absolute delight to drive. Fit and finish is top notch, too. I do agree that the push button tint on the pano roof is a must. Also, looks wise, the caviar color disguises the black body trim and makes the whole thing look much sleeker.

If this car fits your needs then absolutely you should consider it.

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I put 2-3 miles on my EV today.

home :airplane: grocery store :airplane: UPS Store :airplane: home.

(I didn’t go anywhere yesterday.)