Lexus RX350 2020, Loyalty - SE FL $560/month

Any suggestions on SUVs in this price range?

There have been some good Pilot deals. Also:

@mani_is_kool does Honda and some Lexus in FL… get with him

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Thank you @Bacons_C.C and @AlejandroG

@LaraBeth2 if your lease is due mid August, i really suggest you wait till next month. Inventory is a real issue and dealers are not making it up. I haven’t been able to get hands on an RX for more than a month now but things are supposed to change for August hopefully. Its a big mess that everyone has to deal with.

For that amount of money, yes. A loaner (or new) mid-level XC90 can be had for less than this even without the Costco rebate that expired last month.

Another option is that the Pilot EX-Ls have been in the mid 300s if you qualify for the loyalty or conquest rebates.

I am in the same boat. Rx350 up end of August ($54500). Payments over $600/mo for vehicles a couple of thousand less. I am most likely going to extend my lease another 6 months and hope for the best in March of 2021. Good luck.

@Rocknedog7255 Try to find lexus plus dealer. we just got 2020 Rx350L for $545/mo 2500 DAS

That’s $599/mo payment. I’ll just extend and pay monthly on the additional taxes. I got a phenomenal deal on the one I have. Just have to put some good used tires on it to get me through Feb 2021. Thanks for the advice.

That’s a bad deal. I got a 2020 RX 350L, MSRP 58K, 3yrs 36k miles, 0 DAS for $590/month tax included. Good luck.

Extend your lease until November. When the December to Remember event starts, they will have upwards of $3,500.00 in incentives on new 2020 models while they are rolling out the 2021 models. These incentives will be on top of any other incentives and dealer participation.

What deal did you get on yours? I did not know that extending is an option.

I currently have a 2018 Rx350 MSRP $52K. Payment is $570.00 on a 36/18k. Lease is not due up until February 2021. I will be able to get out if it in November. Assuming inventory is available I will definitely try to get a 2020 model as pricing will be good on these models. There are rumors of a redesign for 2021 so I do not expect much discounts on these when they come out

No dealers believe my deal. At the time they said they made a mistake in discount off of MSRP, but would honor the price. I think they really did. $54500 RX350. 36/12. $435/mo. Used a $1000 auto show certificate and put down 9 MSD’s ($4050). 1st payment and drive. Actual $520 with certificate bringing it down to about $490 with approximately $55 in MSD’s or close to that. Payment should have been in the $560/$570 range to start I think? Who knows what will happen next? A redesign of 2021 models as above poster suggests will not move the needle for me on another 2020 model. Looking at a little smaller suv in the BMW X3, which they are not currently dealing on either. Good luck in your vehicle endeavors.

Shopping at only one dealership and low inventories are not helping your case.

Did you make a counter offer saying you will only lease if they match your previous deal? (Since you are really focused on that)

Yes, I did. I’m not focused on my previous deal - I just think it is crazy to pay $700-800 for the same car. Their argument is that “all cars MSRP goes up every year and thus it costs more”

Break down of the $2,600 down.
2,599.00 out of pocket
$799.00 DEALER FEE
$195.00 SUR TAX

What’s the discount they are giving you?

He is advertising 11% off before incentives for your reference.

Don’t feel bad just sent for a quote on 7500/36 month msrp 60400 rx350 f and got back 900 a month lol. Based on that I’d jump all over yours :slight_smile:

South Florida is probably the worst place to buy or lease a Lexus / Toyota.

JM Family (who owns the financing arm and distribution in Jacksonville) adds port installed options that sometimes add up to 2k-3k or more to the Maroney sticker. Yes, they are able to put toyo-guard, pin-stripping, Teflon paint, etc. on the Maroney, unlike other manufacturers that place them on a second sticker next to the Maroney.

Fun fact, about 90% of port added options charges are credited back to the dealer, so keep that in mind when negotiating you cap cost.

Can you get a good deal? Yes, but it will take leg work. My suggestion is never let the dealer know who you are, especially if you are coming out of a bad lease, they will hold it against you.

Instead, use a different email and phone number and approach them as a new customer.

After you negotiate your deal, you can always bring up that you qualify for loyalty rebate, etc.

Is that right? I see about $1k junk added to many of the Lexus vehicle here. So that means I can shave that down to $100?

Not sure if it’s helpful given how much has changed in the last year, so f*ck it, I’ll chime in: we got a 2019 RX350 in May 2019 that was a $46xxx MSRP for $425/month plus $4K DAS, $0 MSD’s on a 36/15.