Lexus RX vs. BMW

Hey all, I’m a bit torn between leasing the Lexus RX350 and BMW X3 M40i. I know, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. I’m not asking anyone to make my decision for me, obviously my money, my prefernce, my car. I’m asking for people to point out things I may not see or realize.

I drive about 10 miles each way to work and normal weekend driving. No kids, just a gf. I currently have a 2015 Jeep GC which I love, but it’s got 65k miles and in ready for something new before it starts costing me in repairs and I still have positive equity (3 yrs left on loan). Before the GC, I had a G35 and G37, I miss the acceleration.

Lexus notes
-prob not F-sport, the sport seats dig into my sides, I have a wider frame.
-I see people mention the infotainment isn’t the greatest, but much better than the MDX imo. I drove the MDX and the infotainment was a deal breaker. I love good loud music as well.
-AC seats, remote start (I have both in the Jeep GC, hard to not have going forward)
-less than $500 per month

BMW X3 M40i
-love the performance, very fun to drive
-cant stand the fact the Germans don’t have AC seats and remote start, feel like they nickle and dime for basic features cars 1/3 the price have.
-smaller than the Lexus and GC (I frequent Home Depot lol). Not to stereotype, but feel like it’s more or a feminine car.
-no Android auto (yet). I have an android
-almost $600 per month

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Have a 2020 BMW m340i (not an x3, the sedan) and an 2016 RX350 F-sport.

Lexus: Seats become much softer and I had the same problem where they dug in, feel much better after a couple months of driving. Its VERY smooth and a great daily driver. Infotainment is honestly really good - I remember watching all the reviews and was taken aback about how negative people were. I find that after you get to know it it become very easy. Also the 2020 have apple carplay which should be even better.
I have the upgraded sound systems in both cars and I Hate the BMW audio, the Lexus is one of the best I have ever heard.

Driving wise, obv BMW is more fun - not really comparable imo. Have had no issues with either car after 10,000miles on the BMW and 40,000 on the Lexus.

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Thanks for the input, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I know, can’t compare the ride/performance, just seeing if I can justify extra $100 and sacrifice features. Either one I would get HK for BMW or Mark Levinson in the Lexus for audio.

Lexus also takes regular fuel, BMW takes premium - it adds up.

And why is it that 93 is now (as in over the past few years) like $0.50 more per gallon when it used to be about half that differential? :slight_smile:

But, with gas at sub $1/gal in some locales (its about $1.50-$1.60 in my area near Tampa. FL), I dont suppose fuel costs will be on anyones immediate radar (even though it probably should be).

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Practically speaking they are both similar in size and capability.

Lexus RX350 will lean more towards luxury, especially in non F-Sport trim. It’s going to have a more ‘floaty’ ride over most road surfaces compared to an X3 M40i, and you will notice more body roll and less grip on twisty roads through corners in the RX, feels more relaxed overall. Better standard equipment than the X3, though the M40i does add a fair bit of gear standard compared to base models.

If you really miss the acceleration of your old G35, then hands down get the X3 M40i. RX acceleration, while strong, is nothing “exciting”. The motor in the M40i is a totally different animal compared to what’s in the RX. Keep in mind it’s going to cost you about $100 more a month as I haven’t seen any X3 M40i deals for under $500/mo, whereas a base RX goes for high $300’s or a well equipped/F-Sport model for mid-high $400’s.

Your decision comes down to driving passion or finance.

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Do you want the better car or the better deal?

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BMW. Are these questions?


I mean, all the knowledge learned in here I know how to get the best deal possible. If not, using a broker. $55k Lex 450-500 per month and 64k BMW 550-600 per month.

It’s a matter of spending the extra $ for BMW and compromising on features.

Personally, I think the BMW is worth significantly more than $100 more per month than the Lexus.

Or more accurately, I wouldn’t dream of paying $500 a month for an RX.

I do appreciate the input. Any reason why you are not a fan of the RX personally?

X3 m40i personally is the best suv I’ve ever driven/owned, better than the X5 M50i I’m driving now or X3M I had.

We’ve had/have
Lexus LS (x3)
Lexus SC
Lexus GX

When I have gone and looked at them they felt terribly out of date, lacking in technology, and uninspired.

I previously owned an RX. Loved the comfort of it, but that was about it. Absolutely horrendous performance, puts you to sleep eveytime you drive it.

Currently drive an X5 as my SUV and it’s significantly better in every aspect. I haven’t driven the X3, but I do have an m340 and it’s an absolute blast to drive. I’ve heard similar for the X3 m40i.

I actually find the opposite to be true… the RX is the feminine car.

I can echo the X3 M40i sentiment. I’ve had a lot of cars & SUV’s but the m40 is just so much fun to drive while also being super comfortable. BMW did a great job this time around.

Thanks guys. Coming from a Jeep GC either one is an upgrade but seems like the consensus is treat thyself

I’d rather have a GC than an RX

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Has anyone had or tried the ventilated seats in an x3? No one seems to have them in the area (pa) so I would need a custom build. Again, having them in the GC and using them Everytime it’s above 70 is awesome.