Lexus RX 350 AWD

What should be my target price for Lexus RX 350 with Msrp at $53,000? What kind of discount I should be looking to get in NJ?

10% off, so a $5300 discount. Use MSD’s to buy down the MF and you will be sitting in the $400’s

As stated, ask for a 10% discount, get the residual and MF and plug in numbers in the calculator and compare with the Rx350 deals already posted here.

Supposedly there is $2750 in dealer cash this month. Would this be additional to the 10% or included in it?

I saw in November a deal where someone got 10% off plus was able to use $500 lease incentive and $1000 loyalty.

Does anyone know if these are still available this month? Now that would be a sweet deal: 10% + $4000 in other rebates…

There are incentives. I think $500.

Can someone confirm dealer cash amount?

It’s on the Lexus website. Go to their special lease offer and look in the fine print

I read it on the edmunds forum for the 2016 RX350. It was the moderator who wrote it, so I assume it to be valid…

The 16 and 17 is different. Not alot of inventory on the 16, Especially with the package that op was asking for. Most of the 16 left over is fully loaded 60k, residual and mf is not good. MF is 0.00190.

10% discount is a really good bargain already for the new car just on the lot 17s. Yes you can add more incentives if you are qualified such as grad/ military. Dealer cash only 500 for the 17 i think, and there is free 1st month. Mf is 0.00110, dont rmbr the residual.

I saw that 2750 as well on edmunds. Can anyone confirm?

any updates on this, BMW-NJ? also in NJ considering RX350

Found evidence of the $2750 dealer cash on Costco’s website but applies to 2016 RX AWD or FWD models. Here’s an example link of the FWD one:

Click rebates/incentives and it shows at the bottom.

yes the $2750 is available, but the 2016 models are limited. 2017’s I think have been here for a bit.

good luck everyone!

Anthony @ DSR Leasing

$2750 in dealer cash…additional to the 10% or included in it?