Lexus rc 350 f sport lease

Hey guys I’m currently in the market for a new vehicle and considering leasing as what I really want is the new 4runner that is hopefully out by 2020. So for now a lease seems right. I live in Austin Texas and I’ve received quotes so far from Houston and Dallas for $579 a month for a 3 year/36k mile lease with $0 due at signing. Is this good or let alone worth it? I love coupes and would love a luxury sporty coupe for less than $500 a month, so if you think the lexus rc350 f sport isn’t worth it please let me know what other options I have for sub $500 leases. Thanks!!!

I got my RC350 F-Sport back in 2015 for $369 a month with $2000 due at signing, 30 months.

Wow that’s really good. I’d sign in an instant for something along those lines. Dealers stopped responding to me after asking for $500 a month.

Problem is now they have the RC200t which is the bulk of their RC sales. At the time I got it, the RC350 and the RC-F were the only models offered.

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Going to upload a snapshot of their offer. They don’t want to provide me more information and I’m curious to know own if they a pricing it baden on msrp with rebates and no discounts

Just wait a few month longer when lots are fillled with 2018s. Then you are able to get a lease in the high 300s or low 400s

Hi everyone, have been lurking around here the past couple of weeks or so, thanks for putting together this amazing resource! I’m a total noob not only to this forum, but also to leasing vehicles; never done it before. I live in Houston and happen to be in a similar boat, your offer states $599 per month with $0 due at signing; so does the $599 include taxes? Yesterday I was offered $585 per month including taxes, but for 36/10k. The MSRP of the vehicle I am looking at is exactly the same, $52828. Here are my numbers, we can compare:

2017 Lexus RC 350 F-Sport (36/10k)
MSRP: $52828
Total sale price including all rebates, dealer discounts, taxes, license fees, dealer fees, etc: $47183
36/10k Residual Value (0.53): $27998
MF: 0.0007
Down Payment: $0
Monthly Payment: $585 (includes all taxes)


take a look at this car:

I leased mine in 2015 too. $455 per month msrp 53.4 including tax and wear & tear protection with 0 down. Anything over 500 is not worth it. I love the car but it’s definitely an over priced car. The sweet spot is under 400 but with the RC200t. It’s might be a while to find a 350 for under 4

$455 / month is great. But I think that number may be a bit difficult to get to with my particular dealer at this given time. I’m in Houston, and after the floods from Hurricane Harvey the demand for all new vehicles have gone through the roof. I think that the residual values for this vehicle have dropped significantly since 2015, leading to the rates that @Louis_Rangel and I are getting at this time.