Lexus Platinum Warranty - Markups Anyone?

I did some research on extending the warranty on my Lexus ES beyond the 4 year bumper to bumper. I’m still within the original 4 years and can purchase an extension anytime before my base warranty expires.

I had heard over the years that extended warranties have markups, which prompted me to explore pricing for this warranty across northern California. Below are the three different prices I was quoted for the same Lexus Platinum Warranty. This adds 4 years to the base 50k warranty and essentially doubles the miles and years. This warranty isn’t 100% a bumper to bumper, but is as close as it gets. Link with details from Lexus.

Lexus PLATINUM 8yr 100k,
Dealer Pricing By Area
Bay Area - East Bay $ 3,790
Sacramento $ 2,695
Central Valley $ 2,065

Now that’s quite the range for what is one and the same product sold by Lexus through dealers. Couple of thoughts for the community.

  1. Hopefully for those shopping for warranties, this is helpful information.
  2. Questions for the community:
    2.1 Is the final price a good one, I think it is, but please let me know.
    2.2 Is getting a warranty on a Lexus even worth buying?


extended warranty and Lexus together in one sentence? :grinning:


Brand-specific forums are always the best bet for finding dealers with the least markup on extended warranties

thanks. do you recommend one? I just searched for Lexus forums and navigating the top three sites was painful at best.

I do not think it is worth getting one. My wife’s Toyota is almost 10 years old, and has not needed one repair. Toyota/Lexus models generally are the most dependable over the long term.

I recall reading that Toyota no longer allows you to buy a warranty from an out of state dealer. It is interesting to see how much price difference there is within the State. It looks like the pricing tracks the cost of living in the various areas.

It can’t be that hard to search a forum.

Alternatively you can search within any site from Google. E.g., “extended warranty”

I had Geico mechanical breakdown which was cheaper than an extended warranty, I have a 10 year old RX that never made one claim. Granted I have below average miles but I would not get it for Lexus/Toyota.

ClubLexus is a good one I would just make a post asking for the best source

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Research the car you have. What are common problems? If there are any, how much does it cost to fix?

ES250 or ES350, those engines have proven their reliability to have little to no issues over hundreds of thousands of miles. These are the same engines used in Camry, Highlander, etc., all of which are vehicles that can easily pass the 100,000 mile mark.

The great thing about Lexus vehicles, especially the ES, is that most parts are also used on Toyota models. The same parts, except cheaper now that it is being ordered for a 2016 Camry/Avalon compared to a 2016 ES.