Lexus NX vs Infiniti QX50?

Ready to lease one of these, but trying to decide which? In Raleigh, NC. Don’t want to put $ down. Want NAV and moon roof. 36-48 months lease, 12k miles/year. Trying to follow your formulas for numbers to compare, but not getting very far.

Just got initial #s from dealer: MVSP: 43,654; Adjusted 38,403
36 mos, 500 down, $435 /mo; 1000 down, 421/mo; 1500 down, 406/mo.
48 months, 500 down, 437/mo; 1000 down/ 426/mo; 1500 down, 415/mo
How much more can I negotiate? And if I would keep it 48 mos, wouldn’t i need to figure in new tires that last year too?

Looks like a Lexus NX good deal considering no MSDs being used. Was this for 10K miles/year?

I leased my NX-200T F-Sport in April as follows:

36 months/10K miles
MSRP about 45K
Sale Price about 42K
Includes all maintenance (oil changes, etc) about 500
Includes wear and tear insurance about 800
9 refundable MSDs about 4050
First payment $435 (includes 7% tax)
35 additional payments of $435 (includes 7% tax)

A less equipped model that had an MSRP of about 43K was offered to me at $400/month

The NX is a great Lease I Leased my F-sport and buried $2000 in negative equity and kept the payment under 500 at 15000/year

Thanks for the advice. Signed the papers last night.
$1500 down, MSRP $43,654 adjusted to $37,707. $416/mo, 12,000 miles/year. Whew!