Lexus NX 300h - Fishy math or reasonable in this market?

My zip is 66220, Kansas City area.

I’m new to lease hacking and the lease calculator, which I love! But I’m not new to sketchy salespeople and sketchy deals. And I’m not new to math. What am I missing here, I can’t get these numbers to work in lease calculator with everything they are telling me - it doesn’t add up. Is it just me and my noobness or is there some funny business going on with the math?

It’s much easier to help find any errors in your calculator if you post a link to it

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I’m guessing none of those extras residualize, so you’re paying 100% of them in the lease. Not sure if that accounts for all of the difference. Did you not find out your residual?

Perhaps because of the extras I can’t make it fit into a lease calculator.

They told me they were using 53%

Can you at least share your attempt? There’s a detailed calculator FAQ that walks through how to fill it out.

does that match the values you got when you verified rv/mf/incentives with edmunds?

36/10 should be 56% which I asked the dealer about, they are “confirming”….honest mistake or shady move, I’ll never know.

Here is my best effort at lease calculator

I was able to get pretty close doing this - not sure exactly how they are handling the various fees (up front vs rolled in) from this sheet. Definitely make sure to add the window tint thru ‘door handle cups’ lines back into your selling price, as these aren’t part of MSRP so don’t change that number or the residual.

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Buy on MO side. KS has no doc fee cap.

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Thank you for taking a stab at it. Helps to find the confusion.

Your selling price here is $47355, not $45105, because of all of the dealer add ons

$48160 - $1600 discount + $795 in dealer profit add ons = $47355

If we put the proper 56% rv back in, assume that the lease cash is untaxed (due to the low upfront tax shown on their break down), and match the DAS amount, the numbers match up pretty much perfectly.

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Of course, none of that is to say if this is (or isn’t) a “good deal”, but there’s not anything fishy going on.

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Except $109 for nitrogen and whatever door handle cups are :wink:

I wouldn’t call that fishy, as it’s all laid out for you to clearly see, it’s just a useless waste of money.


You should get used to using the LH calculator for the purpose of making your own offer.

$630 for a NX300h wasn’t worth deconstructing. That should have gone straight to the trash.


You can use our spreadsheet to structure your deal and compare. Your regional incentives may differ. It you give us the zip of the dealer I can provide you with the regional incentive.

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You guys offered me a far better deal, just confirming that.

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