Lexus NX 200T lease pricing

Curious what would be considered a good deal for NX 200T with MSRP of $43k in SoCal 36 mo/7.5k mile lease

Thanks to all in advance!

I just got a quote from a local dealer:

MSRP $42,890
36 month/7.5k miles
0 down
9 MSDs

Good deal?

Does that include tax?

With what you have provided, it at least passes the monthly (including tax) should be < 1% MSRP (10k) … so you are not in bad shape. To see if you can do better, you will need to provide the info here:

Thanks and it is after tax

dang, 7.5k a year is soooo low. Almost doesn’t seem worth it. I wonder how much more it would be for 12k.

I am sure someone on here will know, but we only needed 7,500 a year.

I think it’s second time you say that about 7.5K. It may be “soooo low” for you, but many people have 2 cars and/or don’t commute long distances.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to sound obnoxious. And I think this was my first time mentioning it, and the other one was on a separate thread. :wink: jk. I guess I was just curious about hire mileage leases, but I guess I didn’t need to say it like that.

No problem. And yes, it was in the different thread. But does it make any difference? :wink:

Curious to see what kind of deal you end up with Silver. Let us know :slight_smile:

Think I explained to you in another thread how to do the quick math on higher mileage leases

yup, thanks :slight_smile:

Some people have lives and don’t just step out of the retirement community to recycle their coke cans lol :recycle:
This guy sounds like he goes to Vegas every weekend :moneybag:, so even 15k is loooooow

Looks like a good deal. What kind of discount off msrp are they giving you?

Selling price is around 35,700 (after $500 Lexus and $1k auto show incentives). Lexus also covers first payment ($348), so seems pretty great! Going to pick up the car this weekend.

Enjoy your car!

For others looking for Lexus SUVs, you can move “2 levels up” for +$124/mo (NX → RX → GX)

How about 2 levels down? :wink: jk

Sounds like you got over 13% off MSRP before any rebates/incentives ($5690 off $42890), which is great. Do you mind telling me which dealer this was at? I’m getting an RX this month and am still contacting dealers around SoCal. Thanks.

I worked with Roubie at Jim Falk 424-832-9906

If you call, let him know Mike Silver sent ya!

Yup Prius c lease is available