Lexus nx 200t 2017

Good morning - I have a related question I’m hoping the community can assist with - attached are lease numbers I received (state of Maine). Would love your advice on finding additional room and identifying fees I could eliminate.

2017 Lexus Nx200t
based on MF .0008 before MSDs which we will be maxing out
residual value 58%
36 month 12k year lease
state tax 5.5%

Thank you in advance - I think I should be more around the $420 range but need help in identifying where the dealer put in the extra fat to bump up the payment.

Get rid of the BS accessories, get a better discount off MSRP and find out if the administration fee is a doc fee, or just a money grab.
Its usually a money grab, but since the doc fee isnt listed, Im not sure.

I think that could be easily had for your target of 420, if not less.

Just looked the most expensive NX200 f-sport on my Honcker app.$416/mo 15K, This is with $1650 due at signing.

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I’m curious what these items are:

Accessories: 398
Additional Cap Items: 1826

Since they are listing the dealer fee of 599 and the acq fee of 795, I cannot imagine what those two things are.

Taking those out is 2224. Straight-line over 36 months that’s $62 right there.

You’re also getting less than 10% off the price. For a 2017 in July, that does seem a bit light. A quick look in my area on TrueCar shows a discount of right at 10%. If you get that and eliminate the fees, you’re under what you’re looking for at 420pm

From my understanding, youll have to pay the acq fee no matter what, dealer fee not so (at least not at 599$). You should be able to get 12% or more (if you’re in a state that has alot of competition such as SoCal).
If you stack all the available rebates, lease cash is 2K, conquest $750, USPGA (if you can find one around is 1k) then you should get it down to the $300+ with zero drive off

Thank you for the helpful responses so far.

Acquisition fee is locked in you are correct. I am going go to focus on that $599 fee and the additional cap costs $1800 number.

Sadly I am not in a competitive area, the next closest dealership is in New Hampshire, but I will see if I can do better than 7% based on it being a 2017.

You mention additional rebates - do you know where/how to find a USPGA rebate certificate? I haven’t had any luck on the web, will a dealership disclose if it exists?

thanks again - i’ll share what I end up with if we end up going with it. Another possibility is the Audi q3 or BMW X1 but I haven’t run those #s yet.

Please message me for a pga certificate.

Is the Lexus acquisiton fee $795 or $700 for NX?

It’s a standard fee across all Lexus models. I believe they did change it to $795 recently.

How does this quote look?
MSRP: 44,300
Sale Price: 38,600
Minus rebates (pga/lease cash/loyalty)

$399/month tax included
$399 due at signing

I would put some MSDs ($1200) down to lower the monthly to $350-330. Again, MSDs are fully refundable and give you a 10% return each year. Something an index fund can’t beat.

Is pga certificate some kind of discount towards to lease sale price ?

unfortunately, as a NY resident I don’t qualify

Cool that your in NY I’m interested in the car as well do you mind sharing the dealership ?

There is only so much tax assessed per month based upon the money factor. MSD’s will lower the money factor (interest). Believe Lexus allows 9 to be put down. At $399 your deposits would be rounded to $400. Max you could put down would be $3600. This equate to around $35 a payment. Your payment would be close to $364. $1260 savings on a 36 month lease. Your $3600 in the bank at a 1% rate (rates are lower than that), you would make approximately $36 a year times 3 years = $108. $1260 - $108 = $1152 savings over a three year period. Good deal. Hope this helps.

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no brainer MSD all the way if you have spare cash.

to put it on another perspective you make 12% annual return on $3600 investment vs <1% return if you put it on bank saving account.

MSDs would actually save him closer to $46/month. MSDs are a no-brainer in my book.

if only we could apply MSDs in NY :frowning:

@wche000 Does LFS not allow it even if you get a vehicle from a dealership outside NY?

Good question - I never asked my dealer in NJ about this. I only assumed as a NY resident, I couldn’t. Maybe someone can chime in?