Lexus LS 500 Hybrid


Hello Hackers,

I went to see the 2018 Lexus LS 500 H this morning and was quoted the following:

-MRSP: $104,498
-Selling Price: $89,183 (includes $5000 Lease Cash and $3000 Conquest)
-Down Payment: $6,000 (not planning on putting this much down, that’s just option they gave)
-Monthly Payment: $1,247.30
10K/36 months
51% residual (1% less than gas)
0.0006 MF

I have 2 issues here:

  1. Car has over 4,000 miles, they are only discounting it $7,135 (6.8%).
  2. I put in the numbers in the lease calculator and my results are completely different.

HELP PLEASE !!! @nyclife @Jon @cheapdad00 @Ursus


Do you still have access to MS Reserved Living and Giving? An extra $5k on the LS.


Yes sir, that was gravy! Might also get $500 loyalty; not sure since I transferred car.

Do you think the pre incentive rebate is reasonable given its last years model and has 4,000+ miles?


Sent you a PM!


I was looking at Honcker and I’m getting $810/mo, $0 down, Taxes and fees due at signing for the $85k base.

Now if you add the $5k cash on hood, $5 MS Reserved, College grad and loyalty or conquest — this may turn out to be a good hack.


You probably can’t stack conquest and loyalty. That discount seems weak though. I don’t think the LS sells well, so I’d image you can get a bigger discount (before incentives) on a new unit.


Not sure I’d get loyalty since I transferred my GX lease. What do you think is a fair discount for a car with 4,000 miles on it. BMW discounts similar mileage 7 series for 20%+.


Have you checked on a new one at a different dealer, that discount is weak, a new one with the same discount would give you a lower payment, no hit on the residual with a new one. I’d ask them to double that discount at a minimum.


Anyone know the residual adjust on a Lexus with miles?


I dont have experience with discounts on Lexus loaners, but if 10% is the baseline for a new one, I would expect 15-20% for a loaner. Also, Lexus allows MSDs so that is another option to drop the payment $100 or so per month. There is not much auction data for that model, just 2 closings in the 80s with similar mileage (below is 2wd, no records at all for awd).


I am also looking for LS500 but F sport fully loaded this is the best I have got so far.Untitled


Here is what I just got done,

This is the exact deal 36/10

Not sure this is something any other dealer in Florida would agree to do.


Thanks for this info; do you know if these two cars were fully loaded?


You only got $6,500 rebate? No discount before incentives?


Unfortunately, for sales that have already happened there is not much information, just year, model, trim and condition.


Looks like 5500 discount plus 8k incentives.


@cheapdad00 do you know if MS Reserved is tax or untaxed incentive?


Not sure. It may vary by state as well. Was it spelled out on your GX460 lease from last year?


I just looked at my cert from last year and it says that it’s a down payment/cap cost reduction, so that means it’s taxed.