Lexus Lease Numbers April 2019

Can someone post the April 2019 lease numbers?

Speaking to a dealer in NY, I am being told 60% residual and .00105 for money factor on a 2019 Lexus RX450h (not L- just h). Since March was .00021, I am confused and would appreciate if someone could help me verify whether this is accurate or if dealer is trying to mark up the lease. Also, if numbers are different on RX450hL, please post those as well if possible. I do specifically need 450 and not 350. Thank you very much!!!

You need to ask Edmunds forums and you need to be clear about model, trim, lease length and miles etc.

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Yes the dealer is correct. 60% residual and .00105 is the money factor. Programs got worse for the car this month.

Thank you so much for the super fast response! Just to be clear, this is a 2019 RX450h AWD Base with Premium Package and a few other options. MSRP is $55569 and dealer is asking $51,469. I am trying to get it down to $49,900 to comply with lease tax issues etc.

No problem and yes on that exact model. I would wait it out they should be willing to comply with your numbers. If you are in the Jersey region North part to be exact give me a chance best of luck :sunglasses:

Hi I would love to give you a chance. How can I contact you?

Follow up question for the group- Is Toyota Lease Trust and LFS the same entity, or is there any significant difference between the two? Is TLT popping up because of the poor lease program on RX450h at this moment? Thank you!

I leased a RC-F last, and all transactions were listed as “Toyota Motor Credit” on the paperwork, but I called “Lexus Financial Services” to setup payments and ask questions.

This should also help:

They are the same thing. A lot of lessors have slightly different names in specific states.