Lexus lease cash

Edmunds forum tells me September incentives on a Lexus RX350 includes $2500 lease cash. How does this work? Should this come off my best discounted price? In other words if I can email and get a dealer to drop down 10-12%, I already know residual and MF from Edmunds so my only wildcard is when/how to apply the $2500.

Can I use that to cover tax, tags and fees etc?

The dealer will know about the $2500 and include in the discount so make sure it is broken out separately to account for the dealer discount from the lease cash.

In their calculation, this $2500 is like a down payment.

Ok so make sure the $2500 is separate. And I can tell them I want my amount DAS to be $2500 and use the lease cash to cover?

You’re way overthinking this. They will automatically give you the lease cash. Where it is applied makes no difference. If you want $0 DAS, tell them you want $0 DAS


Got it. Thank you! Just called my local lexus dealer they confirmed the $2500 lease cash but are bundling it in with the price discount. In other words, they are willing to do 12% off MSRP inclusive of the lease cash. Time to get to work lol!