Lexus LC 500 Lease Transfer (July 2019)

Vehicle no longer available for swap

Try to post on swapalease, I don’t think you’re going to find many interested people on here.

Thanks. I’m listing it there. The deal is pretty great though when compared to LC leases nationwide.

I’d add some photos man

How do I add pics here? First time posting. Here’s a link to the ad on swapalease

you can literally just cntl+V

Your swapalease has different length of lease and mileage remaining

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This is a fantastic car @Cali25… I have been lusting after one for a couple of years. Unfortunately these are tough tough tough to lease well.

Thank you.

Corrected. Thank you

Gorgeous car!

No doubt…

Residual in the 40s. I actually had a crazy deal on one that fell apart at the 1 yd line. Turned out the east coast incentive was like 4k more than the west coast where i was registering the car. was just drive-offs for $720 a month!

This deal is pretty decent though compared to what is out there…

That would have been amazing. Does Lexus base incentives on registration location?

Good question. Different people have given different answers. With Lexus I was told you only get the incentives of the zip you register the car at. Was crazy the differences of the incentive amounts on the lc500 east coast vs west coast…

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Nice car. Why are you looking to get out?

I’m not home enough to enjoy it

Do you still have the lease?

how the hell would he still have it for transfer 2 years later? do you guys look at the dates of the posts? every day I see someone dig up a post from couple of months ago asking if it’s still available. and now 2 a record of 2 year delayed reply?! would be great if every post got locked after some time to prevent zombie posts from floating up


Safe to say it’s no longer available