Lexus gx460 less than 400 per month

Do you think is doable to get a low optioned gx460 for mid 300 with minimal drive off and max msd?
Please share your deals
Going to the dealer tomorrow

No, but good luck…

No. Definitely not possible without a huge downpayment. Might have been possible in December with $5k MS cert but not now

You could get one for $0 drive offs, $~530/month on a $60K car. IF you have MS Cert you can add $3,000 discount.

You might be able yo get there with the 3k MS cert, 2.5k Takata air bag loyalty + 12% off MSRP. (Providing you qualified for the 2 rebates).

I have bmw and jag lease already . Is there a lease cash?
What’s Takata loyalty?
I don’t think I’m qualified for ms rebate.
Is there an additional 4K if I buy is read of lease?

Look on Autobytel for incentives for your zipcode for that model. They vary based on region. My zip has the Takata loyalty rebate (probably because it’s in the south and the Takata airbag deterioration was faster due to heat and humidity). If you own another Lexus vehicle impacted by Takata airbag recall, then there is a 2500 rebate on the GX460 in certain markets. [Most dealers i spoke with said it was currently own, but at least one said could have owned in the past in order to be eligible].

Some other zips have a loyalty or conquest incentive, also lease cash seems to vary based on region as well. My zip has 750, was 1000 last month. Certain zips have 0.