Lexus GX460 Lease Rate & Guidance

Hi everyone,

Need your opinion if I have a good deal on the table and guidance on levers I can pull to sweeten it:

Vehicle to be registered in NY. Dealer is in NJ.

2019 Lexus GX460 Premium
MSRP: $57,743
Invoice: $53,960
Negotiated Sale Price: $51,500
Money Factor: .0008
Residual: 60%
36 months
12,000 miles per year
Factory Cash: $1750
$2,558.51 total due at signing (covers 1st payment, bank fee, doc fee, transfer registration, tax)

I’m currently in an Infiniti lease and have 10 payments remaining that equal $5200. The $695 monthly payment has the $5200 rolled into it.

Please rate my deal and advise if there is anything else I should consider before pulling the trigger.

GX for 695??
Thats funny!!!

But this is leasehackr…

Wait ten months, then shop for a GX


Please don’t buy a car that has been produced since 2009 unless you are going to a safari in Dubai. Also wait for ten months like others suggested.

Wait 10 months and get the refreshed 2020 GX which comes with new features and look.

I’m looking to get a gx460

Went to a dealership and they offered it for 617 taxes included, i pay first month and plates only.

12k miles, 39 months.

After that I received several quotes from dealers for what seemed to be the same care and deal but monthly was 535

Price with discount at dealer was approx 54000

I also saw that the car has both leather and “new luxe ®”. Interior

I think latter is synthetic

Wish they would update the rear. Maybe by 2030 :thinking:

You mean the door that opens sideways??

I mean the whole back lol it just seems outdated to me

Ohhhh my bad, haha

I like the fact it looks bulky though

Bulky is not a problem it just seems like the shape the lights and stuff is still the same from years ago but the new 2020 front facelift is promising