Lexus GS Turbo Lease

This looks like it has potential, with $3000 lease cash and free navigation. MSRP $50,335. $3000 lease cash as cap cost reduction.

Lexus has been including free navigation on the GS for a couple years now. IIRC, lease cash on it has been over $5000 in the past. Lexus really needs to start selling more GSs, but with the rumor that they might discontinue it and focus on the ES, who knows what they will do

What is RV and MF of this thing in ?

@sepidpooy, I just posted the question on Edmunds for MF/Residual for 36 months/15k miles

@BoardWalkNJ, with free navigation $1700 and $3000 lease cash, its almost $5000 ($4700)

Here are the 36mo/15k RVs:
MF is 0.00080 nationwide
$3k lease cash in Lexus Western Region, $2k lease cash in all other regions.

GS 200t: 52%
GS 200t F-Sport: 53%
GS 350: 51%
GS 350 F-Sport: 52%
GS 350 AWD: 51%

add 2pts for 12k, 3pts for 10k, 4 pts for 7.5k

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It’s been $5000 lease cash plus free navigation though. The deals really haven’t been there in the past on the GS but I seriously hope that changes

MN is in western region?

Actually they are at $3k lease cash on all regions starting in May. I think MN is in the Lexus Central region.

Tagging this for potential updates, as I’m in the market for a GS