Lexus Financial won't give back over payment


Anyone ever had to fight LFS for refund?
I think the problem is that their workers don’t know about the 1st payment being paid by Lexus and calculate everything by 36 months. My contract says 35 payments.

I returned my car at end of September 2018.
I overpaid because website kept on asking for more $, and I didn’t want to fight bad credit records.
MSD returned at end of December after 2 phone calls asking where my extra $$ was.
I overpaid by about ~$750… before the $350 used for disposition fee.

I am owed about $400, but they are denying it. I’ve messaged them twice using the secure support center on the LFS website (for “paper trail”).
I asked them to double check their math. LFS implied they do not know how to calculate. I told them to add A then B, subtract C…etc.
I get another email them saying they cannot do it. They send me the contract and delete all payment history from the website.

Now, I am out ~$400 and LFS is playing dumb. I mean $400 is $400, not $40.
Honestly, I don’t if LFS is playing dumb, or their support is based overseas and can’t understand my issue.


Submit a claim to CFPB… I had a similar issue with US Bank and that got their attention quick and got credited the amount requested within days.


Send an email/letter detailing your complaint to all regulators over LFS.


Did you change your payment date during the lease? I thought the same thing at the end of my last lease and pushed back on them.

Once I went through bank records, they were right and I thought I made more payments then I actually had because the change in payment date caused the system to show one more payment than had actually been made.

Not saying you’re wrong but I’ve been in your shoes before and the bank was right.


this is one of those cases where messaging a low level worker at LFS isn’t going to cut it. Call LFS and speak to a supervisor.


Seen this happen before. You need to talk to a higher up. The over payments go to a different account that most aren’t familiar with. They need do a little research for you.

Sounds weird but I’ve seen it with Toyota accounts.


Thanks for all the tips… need to chase them down next week.

Will need to download 3-years worth of bank statements…

I could be wrong… i hope so, but I did do a calculation using the web payment amounts off of their website (when it was available).

To answer the question asked… no, i did not change payment date.


okay… I redid my calculations on a spreadsheet.

Figured out the 36 payments I made online, the first one shows up as payment, but that’s the one that Lexus made on my behalf. Meaning I only actually EFT’ed 35 payments of $xxx… not 36 as I thought.

So I was wrong… the Earth is still round, everyone… :sunglasses:

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